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  1. Svets96

    First time Mark VIII Owner - Frame Rust

    OMG. From the looks of it, check the rear quarter and under the tail light to see if the sheet metal is still straight or kinked. Check rear IRS to see if it shifted. From the photos it looks like its still straight. Might need a new rear bumper and new side tail light. Rear bumper...
  2. Svets96

    '99 Lincoln Continental Refurbishment

    I had scheduled the car for service a couple weeks ago. Finally got it in, they performed the following: 1. New lower ball joints installed 2. New left front tie rod end link installed 3. Performed an alignment 4. Brake fluid flush 5. Back windows were having a hard time opening and...
  3. Svets96

    New member

    I haven't had mine rebuilt, maybe down the road ways I'll get into it. Although Powertrain Products which is a brand new AX4N trans in my case would be the way to go. It also comes with upgraded torque converter and shift kit. I believe the prices are inline with what it would cost. Some...
  4. Svets96

    My New Old Mark

    Great to hear everything checked out good. That is a very clean and pristine Mark VIII !
  5. Svets96

    First time Mark VIII Owner - Frame Rust

    I feel you on the car. It is a shame for it to be a parts car. I'll keep my eyes open for a Blk/Blk LSC too for you.
  6. Svets96

    My New Old Mark

    I would make sure the oil and filter are changed, along with brake fluid and coolant. Rear diff fluid service too. Check brakes out, rotors, pads, any sticky calipers ect. Get new tires if they seem to have a shimmy or have abnormal wear, cracking. Electronics, windows go up and down...
  7. Svets96

    First time Mark VIII Owner - Frame Rust

    Unibodies are hard to fix especially with replacing rotted metal with new. On Youtube they have vids on dropping the rear IRS and front subframe and putting that into another Mark or other vehicle which would get these parts. I haven't seen a body swap vid yet for a Mark. Correct these don't...
  8. Svets96

    Replacing front air springs on a 96 Lincoln Continental?

    I am lost myself with how I can provide any answers or help. I know that '95-'96 Model years had only front air shocks and rears too. In '97 they went to rear air shocks only. However I had come across this video of Lou Santiago changing out the air shocks on a '95-'96 Conti. Maybe this...
  9. Svets96

    My 1983 Lincoln Continental Mark VI

    Very cool ride! That is in great shape. Glad everything is working out well for your car. You don't see to many Mark VI's running around to much these days. It's cool to see one. A definite classic. I don't know what you plan on using on the leather to clean and condition it, I use...
  10. Svets96

    New guy from Ohio here

    Welcome to LVC Kyle. Start a thread in the Continental section about your car. Photos, ect. Everyone is superb on this site. They know their stuff very well, and can help you with a moments notice. Feel free to reach out anytime. Were here to help. -SVETS
  11. Svets96

    OCASTAR 16" RIMS (4)

    Those are in GREAT shape. Good Luck with the sale.
  12. Svets96

    1G6KY529XSU808011 :Found the vin of my parents old STS

    That's awesome. Keep those parts, especially since its sentimental. The caps are probably worth a pretty penny. Especially if someone is restoring or updating and older STS of that vintage. Very cool story, sorry to hear about the car's fate.
  13. Svets96

    Greetings from the great white north.

    Welcome to LVC! Glad you are apart of our community. There are amazing people on this site that will go above and beyond to help you get where you need to be. The Mark VIII is a very popular car on LVC. If you can't find it on LVC, Temple Performance, Super Coupe Performance, and Lincoln...
  14. Svets96

    '99 Lincoln Continental Refurbishment

    We have a '66 Corvette with American Dragmaster wheels, that had gotten polished and sanded. The wheels on the Conti shall look like this. Here is an aluminum wheel that was sanded and polished out:
  15. Svets96

    '99 Lincoln Continental Refurbishment

    Had an interesting discussion with a fellow car enthusiast, over the weekend. I explained how I wanted to get polished/chrome wheels for the Conti, but for factory oem bolt pattern is very hard to find in a 16 x 7. He replied why don't you think about getting your OEM wheels stripped down, and...
  16. Svets96

    Tune up 98 LSC

    I agree going with Motorcraft. You won't have on the stir of the moment electrical problems.
  17. Svets96

    I'm a Noob

    Welcome to LVC. You'll like it a lot here. Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable. Very nice MKZ.
  18. Svets96

    New member. Thanks for having me.

    Welcome to LVC. You'll really like it here. Plenty of people here to help you out. The Mark VIII section is big on LVC. We all would love to hear your future plans for your car. Maybe we can come up with a plan for you?? ;) Here are some websites to help you get parts for your Mark...
  19. Svets96

    98 LSC Stolen

    I am very ticked off too that this happened to your Mark VIII. I've seen it in your photos you've posted. I Hope that moron stays in jail forever. I had researched a new harness for your Mark VIII for the rear view mirror, this is all I could come up with. Make sure it is compatible and...
  20. Svets96

    LS Withdrawals

    I understand the loneliness without the car in your possession. It is awesome that Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum has your car on display. Very low production number indeed. :cool: I've heard about the Gilmore meet this year, in Continental Comments, but unfortunately I can't make it...