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    Well, there was a time when I pulled my tank on the 94 I used to have, and someone had replaced the fuel pump with a smaller size. They had left the retainer clip off and the pump was pretty much hanging inside the tank by the plug. When I grabbed it, the plug came loose. But yes, there is a...
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    speakers for 98 mark viii

    I honestly don't get online often, and when I do, going onto a forum is even more rare. I have been a member on LVC for a long time and didn't even know this thread existed. I scroll down to Mark VIII, and that's where I stop. Anyway, I'm not sure how much you want to spend, but the cheaper 6X8...
  3. NoLimit95

    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Went to the tint shop and had Nano ceramic tint (50%) put on the entire windshield. It took the tint guy nearly 2 hours, but I can't find one flaw. Wish I had done this long ago.
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    Try resetting the inertia switch. It's in the trunk, and check fuse and relay.
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    Upgrading mark viii Gen 1 headlights

    There are clear housings on eBay for sale. I think Jay has them. I'm on my second HID kit in 13 years. Kensun 9005 with 6K bulbs Housings on eBay HID relay harness <----- you will need this to prevent any flickering. I have 2 kits installed for highs and lows. I have absolutely no problem...
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    1998 Mark VIII Air Ride Trouble

    You're welcome! I'll check back and see how it went.
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    1998 Mark VIII Air Ride Trouble

    If you let it air up, and you get out of the car to turn the switch off, the car will only vent down when the door is shut. It doesn't always vent immediately, but it can... It could be within 5 seconds, or minutes later. The air ride is active for 45 minutes after the car is shut off. You...
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    1998 Mark VIII Air Ride Trouble

    Ther other thing it could be, is on the top of your air shocks, there is a rubber bushing where it mounts. Those have been known to leak, but rare. You can take the shock tower cover off and spray soapy water and look for bubbles. It's likely only a problem with one of them, and not both. When...
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    1998 Mark VIII Air Ride Trouble

    Your front air shocks are cracked around the edges where the car would normally sit at parked height. Two days isn't bad, but it will get worse with time. When you turned the switch on and let it air up again, it usually will go above where the parking height is. What you done was turned the...
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    97 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC intermittent bucking/jerking under load

    I would also say you have a vac leak, as for the fuel economy. At the same time though, it sounds like you have what we have always referred to as torque converter shudder. Someone on here back in the day always swore by some stuff called (Dr. Tranny). LubeGuard 19610 Dr. Tranny. Comes in a 2oz...
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    Air ride help 1997 Mark VIII

    If one bag is factory and one is new, my guess would be that the o-rings got damaged when you replaced "the one". If it's not able to hold its air, the old one likely has cracks all the way around from sitting for so long (33,000 miles) and it's unable to hold the weight of the entire rear end...
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    Headlight Re-Chroming

    I think this was what was being used
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    98 Mark VIII seat belt retractor

    Yes, it'll work
  14. NoLimit95

    Help 97 Mark 8 door handle

    I bought one from Carlos. He'll send you whatever color you ask for. I think his eBay name is racebronco or something like that
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    Too many choices HID kit.

    A lot of the guys went with the 55 watt and none ever experienced the plastic melting. This even goes for the Gen 1 housings, which are smaller and closer to the plastic. Gen 1's originally came with 65 watt halogens, which produce too much heat and they eventually burned the inner chrome. I...
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    Oil leaking badly

    No problem. Been a while since I've been on here and this has been a boring weekend lol. I'll probably be popping back in next weekend.
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    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Washed the hell out of it, after having 7 1/2 inches of rain so far this month.... More coming on Tuesday but at least it'll be clean for a couple of days.
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    Oil leaking badly

    Seems to be correct. They make them with blue gasket and orange gasket. Many have said that the orange gasket was better but I don't remember their reason. There are many many write-ups on this and it is definitely not a fun job, whatsoever.
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    Too many choices HID kit.

    HID conversion kit help please..... Bullymong88, you just so happen to have the adapter rings that Jay made, and still might be making. They're needed for Gen 2 Marks. 9006 bulbs. I have HID's in my low and high beams. Been working for over a decade now. Some like 35 watt and some like the 55...
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    I want to buy a mark 8

    There are a series of LEDs under the shifter to make it light up. The Gen 1 also lights up but it only has one bulb under there.