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  1. Tommy

    Gtech Comp RR - Anyone familiar?

    I've tried the 12v at the lighter and the 12v accessory outlet. I'm contemplating an extension wired straight to the alternator. I get the feeling they put filters in to kill the radio noise I need!
  2. Tommy

    Gtech Comp RR - Anyone familiar?

    I recently bought a Gtech RR and wanted to run the LS with it. Well the unit uses alternator wine to gauge RPM and it seems the LS alt is so quiet the damned thing draws a blank. I can't get a good RPM signature. I've tried a lot of suggestions. Anyone else know some tricks on our car for...
  3. Tommy

    Exhaust is on

    Funny thought that putting the crossover in and taking the resonators out had about the same effect on sound.. hmmm If my old Firebird didn't have a crossover it would be completely unbareable without tailpipes as it sets. I was looking at the pipes the other day and it looks to me that...
  4. Tommy

    Exhaust is on

    heh heh yeah... ummm that's great... So like.... Are we seeing any meat and potatoes with this sound mod you did? Power etc? :woowoo2:
  5. Tommy

    The Magnaflow Post

    Seems like you'd get the bulk of the benefit given by the Magnaflow exhaust if you just buy and install the X-pipe and leave the rest stock. The smaller pipes impact power very little IN THEORY because the exhaust is done expanding for the most part by the time it gets there. Does anyone...
  6. Tommy

    How much did u purchase your LS for ?

    03 V8 Black - Everything except Nav and Sunroof Extended warranty to 100,000 miles 13,000 miles $25,000
  7. Tommy

    Its about time!!!!!!!!!!!

    :eek2: :dancefool :dj: :monkey: :invasion: :woowoo2: :wrench :steering
  8. Tommy

    Help Dealer screwed my car over

    More than likely they popped the fuse for the light harness. The old old school alarms could be disabled by shorting a light socket. To resolve this, they started putting a fuse there. The result is you won't get a blinking light when armed or disarmed. May cause other issues having a popped...
  9. Tommy

    New LS owner

    Thanks! It is! I am biased I admit. I have plans for it under way. A new cam, some head work and an updated carb. Then it will get fun. Once I finish goofing with the current engine it'll either get a spare 400 or 428 I have in storage :wrench
  10. 2003 Lincoln LS V8 Sport

    2003 Lincoln LS V8 Sport

  11. Tommy

    New LS owner

    Finally got it out for gas and pics! :Beer
  12. Tommy

    Does anyone make any real parts for the LS??

    You got a supercharger for your LS? :dancefool Where do I get in line!
  13. Tommy

    New LS owner

    Thank you 1wykdmk8! I truely love them both now :tmi: :L The Firebird is getting some much needed upgrades, like big discs and some cosmetics. Randeaux, got a long commute now huh? I used to live in Austin and moved to Waco for school. That was bad enough, I feel for ya! mespock...
  14. Tommy

    Exhaust mods

    Errr. Cousin? Looks Like you and I have the same last name, lol. You have straight pipes, no resonators and a set of flows? hmmm Any idea what the factory pipes ar on the OD? If I have to consider shop bent I may just stick to stock pipes. Seems a waste to get aluminized compression...
  15. Tommy

    Exhaust mods

    Quik LS... Who did the work? I'm actually from Austin. I've not had a chance to figure out who does good work in the Houston Area *owned* What did it cost to get that work done + cost of parts.. If I may ask?
  16. Tommy

    New LS owner

    Thanks Kbob!
  17. Tommy

    Exhaust mods

    Thanks GG1! What's the magnafllow sound like at idle, cruise and WOT? loud? raspy, deep hum? Cackle? Rumble?
  18. Tommy

    Exhaust mods

    Not having a good chance to look at the exhaust setup I have had to speculate. My guess is the boost in performance that comes from the Magnaflow setup is due to the mufflers and X-pipe. I wonder if I were to get an X-pipe welded to the existing exhaust and put good mufflers out back mght I...
  19. Tommy

    molded floor mats?

    I've found a few options on molded floor mats. I'd like to find something with a decently tall lip to hold in dirt and fluids. One setup that looks good is manufactured by Nifty products, not sure if they make it for our cars? Any opinions out there on this?
  20. Tommy

    Seat covers?

    I'm trying to find some custom fit seat covers for my 03 LS. I have a job that requires I got to burnt and flooded buildings so I need to protect my interior. Anyone know of custom seat covers or something of the shelf that fits well? I didn't see anything at nor on the...