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  1. JMiles_T

    For Sale SCT Chip (no switch) with Powertrain Control Module

    Please send a private message with offers. Offers from this forum won't alert me to your interest, but a PM will. This is a SCT chip and an EEC from my 1993 Mark VIII. The Code for the EEC is W3Z3. The chip is setup to work with PCMs with this code. The programming was done by Tori at...
  2. JMiles_T

    how to tell which rear bearing is bad?

    Have a friend drive slow while you walk along side the vehicle. Listen for where the sound is coming from.
  3. JMiles_T

    For Sale 1988 Ford Shop Manuls for sale

    The above links are non-functional.
  4. JMiles_T

    For Sale Alternator for Lincoln Mark VIII

    Sold. Mods please close.
  5. JMiles_T

    For Sale Alpine Head Unit CDA-9830

    This was still working when I pulled it from my old Mark a few years ago, and it has been in its box ever since. The IR remote control, wires, cage, and owner's manual are included. Asking for $30 shipped.
  6. JMiles_T

    For Sale Alternator for Lincoln Mark VIII

    Part has been sold sold as of 03/12/2014 8:57pm I purchased this alternator off eBay 3 years ago to keep as a spare but ended up selling the Mark without ever using it. It's been in the box, unopened until I photographed it just now. I don't need it, but I don't want to just throw it in the...
  7. JMiles_T

    For Sale Gen 1 Mark VIII HID headlight housings (asking $250)

    I'm selling my HID housings I used in my 93. They will come with aftermarket ballasts and bulbs, and whatever other relevant items I think a new owner might find useful. I'm asking for $250 via PayPal. PM if interested.
  8. JMiles_T

    For Sale Gen 1 Mark VIII Climate control and misc. interior parts

    I no longer have my Mark VIII, and I'm tired of looking at these things. Pictured is the HVAC controller I used in my 1993 Mark VIII, along with an ABS/Air Ride relay. Both still worked when pulled. I don't want to just trash them. Also included is a rear ashtray, a dash trim for the...
  9. JMiles_T

    WTB 93-96 LSC Headlight Housings

    I have a set in good [as in not great] condition. The price is $550.
  10. JMiles_T

    Infinity Kappa Speakers (fits Mark VIII)

    1 pair now for sale on eBay at $35.
  11. JMiles_T

    Infinity Kappa Speakers (fits Mark VIII)

    Infinity Kappa 572.5cf speakers. They've worked well over the years, but I no longer need them. I have 4 available with crossovers @ $20 each (shipped). Wattage: 100 RMS 300 Peak Edit: I just realized the "Non-Auto" forum would have been a better place for this. Mods, feel free to move...
  12. JMiles_T

    94 Mark VIII parts available

    Is the passenger side marker light still available? If so, how much to ship to 08540?
  13. JMiles_T

    Vent time! I mostly sell SERVICE!

    Perfectly reasonable.
  14. JMiles_T

    Removing the Starter

    Been there. Use multiple extensions, and swivels and attack it from the front of the engine compartment. Have a friend hold the socket to keep it from sliding off the bolt while you rotate the wrench. Feel free to not put that top bolt back on when you're done.
  15. JMiles_T

    About to have a f'n heartattack!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Buy some 1" thick plywood and put the jackstands on that instead of directly on the pavement.