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    Well, dropping $1000 isn't really my first choice, but I'll do it if I have to. When I went in, I was just looking for a simple set-up (and price) - is there anything reasonable for $300-$400?
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    Hey - Wondering if any audio guys could tell me if I got over-quoted on this. All I want and asked for was a "basic" sub set-up in my Eldorado - I don't want anything *too* loud, just a little low-end pick-up. Anyway, here's what Cartoys quoted me (the prices seemed okay, but I think it's...
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    Two-Tone Edit

    Love two-tones.
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    Headers.. Are they worth it?

    They are a reliable way to boost horsepower (a.k.a. they aren't the Turbonator), but you want to buy them from a legit seller get them installed professionally
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    whats this caddy?

    Looks like a 1976ish Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz -- Is it a two or four dour?
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    LS Owner, But pics for you caddy guys

    I'd take one that looks like the bottom one.. I don't know about the top two, but that middle version doesn't strike me well.
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    what do you guys think of this eldorado ??

    Despite what a tacky color that interior is, I still have always had a special place in my heart for dark tan interiors. Looks nice.
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    SVC Escalades

    Black rims are a nice touch
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    CTS 2006 newb here!!!!

    Love the pearl color!
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    2006 Cadillac Escalade -V

    I'd like to see them continue the "Under 5 Second" standard with the Escalade-V.. it'd be a challenge, but we're due for something to take out the Typhoon as the fastest production SUV Can't say that I'd buy one over a Lightning or a CTS-V when it comes to Caddy's, but I'd still like to see it!
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    Eldo info

    I can answer one of your two questions without the VIN and it will require the answer to the other question :-P Find out which engine it has and I can easily tell you the year and vice versa. There aren't many giveaways as to the year in the picture you took. The '93 had an all new...
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    Want to hot rod '92-'97 Seville/STS

    Actually tackling the '93+ N* engine computer has ended up being more than just an issue of money :Bang If available, I would recommend charging and then adding nitrous around that than the other way around. Nitrous set-up on a Caddy is fairly easy.
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    97-98 Eldorado Touring

    97+ Eldos are extremely reliable and have no *major* problems, assuming you buy one that has been taken care of reasonably. There must be about 10 Sevilles for every 1 Eldo that goes into the shop.
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    93 eldorado transmission

    Year and model? It's different between the various models
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    open for tips and info

    Are you serious? Do you have Dyno's of the car before and after? You'd be the first person to see any gain out of installing one of those if it actually did anything
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    Lowering My STS!! How?

    You could lower the rear ride sensor too, now that I think about it. That only takes care of the back, I believe, however.
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    Picture of an E&G Silver Low Profile Grille

    Specifically for an Eldorado, I don't think they make it anymore, but this specific grille might be the exact same as the one for the seville since a little 'editing' needs to be done to fit either, anyway. I suggest: A) Call EG or whoever you are looking to purchase the grille from...
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    5th Wheel Kit for 2001 Cadillac DHS

    With a little modification the one for the '99 will work fine.
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    Most popular model vehicle on this site?

    I like the Mark VIII from that angle -- especially the grille. And I'd have to agree with Mark VIII/LS being the most popular