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  1. Ancillery

    For Sale LS Balljoints/Fan Motor/User manual

    Hello all I have a few parts for sale that I never used. If you don't feel comfortable conducting business here on the forum PM me for my E-Bay listings of these items. Thanks for looking! Hydraulic Fan Motor $90 SHIPPED Claimed as working when I purchased it, found out I didn't need this...
  2. Ancillery

    Sold NEW Eibach springs, Unlocked Xcal 3, Cherry Bomb dual wall 4" tips

    Received Xcal3, bump for an awesome seller!
  3. Ancillery

    new member, rear suspension q

    I would like to second the Deezas, I have the toe links and sway bar end links installed for over 2 years now. No problems :)
  4. Ancillery

    Maintenance Questions

    Hello all, I'm going to be performing some much needed maintenance on my 2002 LS V8 Sport with 125,000 miles. I just had a few questions as to the general consensus of things. New Plugs and Coils: I'm currently looking on eBay for new coils I picked up the plugs from rock auto already...
  5. Ancillery

    Help ordering power steering parts

    Hello all, I have a 2002 V8 sport with 108k on the clock and I need some help with picking the right parts. Little back story, my power steering went out on the car a few weeks back when a seal on the rack and pinon blew. I have been driving it around daily like this with minimal problems...
  6. Ancillery

    I added a leather shift boot to my automatic LS

    That looks awesome, now I can pretend my LS is a manual! :shifty:
  7. Ancillery

    McLaren Parts - Grille and Tail Lights

    This is bull**** someone has a bot bidding on it, placed two bids and within seconds it was raised.
  8. Ancillery

    Feinstein going for another gun ban

    Strip rights, disarm public, declare martial law, ship you off to a FEMA camp, where you drink the fluoridated water. Not as hard as some people think, all systems are in place if you look. /conspiracy :shifty:
  9. Ancillery

    Confusssseeeedd :/

    Some head units by default have the subwoofer off in the settings. Just another thing to check
  10. Ancillery

    (Solved) Replaced toe links now swerving

    That right there.
  11. Ancillery

    Rearend leakage

    I was almost going to suggest a doctor with a thread title like that. XD
  12. Ancillery

    My Drilled + Slotted Upgrade by Brake Motive

    Just changed the brake pads to Akebonos with the Brake Motive rotors. My squealing has completely stopped, it seems that these pads are a perfect compliment to them.
  13. Ancillery

    My Drilled + Slotted Upgrade by Brake Motive

    Has anybody tried new pads with these rotors and has it resolved their squealing? I picked these up awhile back as well.. and while they work great, the noise is unbearable.
  14. Ancillery

    Fiberglass Sub Box Complete!!

    That is awesome! Been wanting to do something similar to my LS, im all for a write up. Hows that W6 perform in the car?
  15. Ancillery

    high end System got fudged...

    Did you do the big 3 upgrade? Loose RCA? You seem to know what your doing you have decent gear, just running through ideas.
  16. Ancillery

    Calender entry

    Diggin 6
  17. Ancillery

    High Output Alternator Resolution Discussion

    I am no stranger to the "pay to play" mentality, all this does is set me back on my time frame. Electric fans on a Gen 1, two batteries, a JL 1000/1 and two JL 300/2 will eat a ton of power. I was just offering another possible (cheaper, simpler?) solution to this problem on our cars. But F me...
  18. Ancillery

    High Output Alternator Resolution Discussion

    What about the guys who don't want to go the entire programming route? Between the HO alternator, SCT, and tune, this is getting expensive. Is there a way we could emulate a alternator being attached to the ECM somehow? It seems like all it would be doing is looking for voltage and switching on...
  19. Ancillery

    Your Biggest Bug About Your LS

    My gas pedal is wobbly, and sits lower than the brake. Brakes need anti squeal on pads (my fault) Passenger window regulator broken so I hear wind noise at highway speed.