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    Police suck

    +1. Many are just petty minded, glorified parking attendants/school bullies hiding behind a badge. 'To harass, intimidate and ticket' would be a more appropriate motto.
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    Mark VIII Diesel conversion

    I liked the part where Kalifonia slid off into the ocean. :lol:
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    corvette powered mark viii?????

    The photo isn't of her car - same picture is in my car book. (100 Years Of The American Auto)
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    A couple questions for you all

    Lurking... :shifty: Only get to access LvC via a (not so) smart phone these days - makes simple searches take forever!
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    Is Lincoln Still A "Premium" Luxury Division?

    The current future plan: Not good, in my opinion. Also, I'm SICK TO DEATH of that silly 'MK bla bla bla' name on virtually everything.
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    Ignition Problem

    Scroll 3/4 of the way down this article:
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    GOP Candidates Back Off From Signing Pledge that Praises Slavery

    With the exception of Cain, I don't like any of the current GOP crop. However, I'd vote for ANYBODY over Obama.
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    what ripped cammel has been up to

    Lmao! Didn't realize that was actually him in the video. (hammer missing) I guess that's how he likes to unwind after a busy day of putting the system on trial.
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    Can you figure out why it exploded?

    Couldn't help myself, sorry! :D
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    Can you figure out why it exploded?

    Hmm... I should probably service the diffs etc. in the wife's SUV soon - something I've neglected due to no noise or apparent leaks. That diff must have been noisy for a while before letting go - would have expected the driver to notice that.
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    what do you think of these

    Those wheels are well suited to vehicles with hard lines - they look great on that Camaro.
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    Can you figure out why it exploded?

    Well, that pinion gear is bone dry and rusted, so I'd guess that the diff was ran with a low oil level?
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    what do you think of these

    This can be achieved in other ways. :shifty: :lol:
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    wake up call

    Me neither - would take me 30 mins just to find the tools. :lol:
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    2010 Lincoln MKT Revealed

    Only seen them on dealer lots. Probably the ugliest Lincoln in recent years, although the interior does look quite nice.
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    check this bad boy out lol

    9500 for that ugly thing! :lol:
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    Sad seeing this going to it's Grave :(

    $6.97 for one pack of Marlboros! :lol:
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    Really? Are you kidding me??

    +1. Just not crazy on the tan interior.
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    Rear end is fish tailing??

    No worries - turns out we were both in the correct torque range anyway. :)
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    How to "search" using Google.

    Try to use one keyword (minimum of four characters) that would specifically relate to what you're searching for. Narrow down as much as possible. (e.g. narrow down to particular forum/search titles only/search threads by particular user etc.) Edit: Just used search to find an old post of mine...