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    Ignition Coil Question

    Well...made the leap, $70 for all 8. $60 more for 8 Autolite Iridium and it is running like a champ. I will update if any of them fail. I am not going to put the coil covers back on, just in case. But...Great price!!!
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    Ignition Coil Question

    Similar question... Amazon has them for, 8 for $65. Anybody ever use them? I'm looking for something to last at least 6 months to a year. I have no...
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    Ignition Coil Question

    What? No Condenser???
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    Lincolnlogs hurt in car accident

    Be well dude!
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    When to replace Battery as preventive maintenance?

    Suprisingly, the local stealership has the Motorcraft for $109.95 + 9.5% for the priviledge to buy in Tennessee. Parts stores are starting at $20 more and up.
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    When to replace Battery as preventive maintenance?

    Cool, I'll give the local stores a peruse then, I thought I had read a few years ago (when I did not need a battery) that the Motocraft was the only option.
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    When to replace Battery as preventive maintenance?

    Mine finally died after 6.5 years. I'm not disappointed at all, my wife does alot of short trips, Black car that sits in the TN sun all day all summer, etc... Does anyone make a replacement besides the Motocraft?
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    Time has come to change the coils. Tips? Tricks? :)

    Keep us posted on how well those Bosch Plus 4's work. I've heard nothing but bad reviews regarding Bosch plugs installed in Fords.
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    Which Stock Size Tires Are You Using? Why?

    I Agree. I have the DW's (no S for me) in 255/45/17. They are GREAT!!! Quiter, smoother, grippier, better looking (Than the stock Michelins)...They require just a hair more concentration on center driving (Think interstate snooze control) but turn the wheel a half a degree from center and the...
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    Anyone ever use A/C Pro Never mind...found this...
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    Anyone ever use A/C Pro

    Does anybody have a better description of where I may find the "low side" connector? Sure enough, the high side IS staring rightr at you when the hood is popped, but I just spent about 10 minute looking for the low side and cannot find anything around or behind the passenger side front...
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    Anyone ever use A/C Pro

    Sweet. Thanks.
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    Anyone ever use A/C Pro

    My AC is blowing...not cold. Not warm, but not cold. I hate to bring it to a stealership to have them rape me for every diagnosis just to find it is a little low on R134a. I checked the website and their low side port locator does not have a location for this vehicle. Is the Port easy to...
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    New wheels - Jaguar Tucana

    Those are sweet!! But, you need 255's at least!!
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    Lincoln LS 302

    Um...No... Linoln LS with a Roush Supercharged 4.6 ran the One lap of America. '04 and '05 I think. Follow the link if it works, if not just google one lap of america...
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    Lincoln LS 302

    This is AWESOME and I will be watching this thread closely!! Hats off to you!
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    When my factory Michelin all seasons wore out I installed a set of 255/45 Continental DW extremes, which are FANTASTIC summer tires. Better dry grip, wet grip, quiter and ride nicer too. I would definitly suggest two dedicated sets of tires, one summer, one winter.
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    Opinion on exhaust tips and wheels

    Diggin the rims, what sizes do they come in? The tips...Only if you have an LSE and they fit the factory cutouts.
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    How will you replace your LS?

    I have a two car garage, and if I plan right, when I rebuild my deck I will be able to put a two car garage under that. The '01 Explorer was paid off five and a half years ago and has 135k, the '06 LS was paid off last month (WOO HOO!!!) and has 56k. If I'm lucky, I can go a payment free year...
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    Max is the man...

    He's the go to for all my Explorer needs as well. The dude knows his FoMoCo parts.