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    1959 cadillac eldorado

    be better if it was red, but i wouldn't turn it away from my garage
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    Pictures of my new Mark VI !!

    I would love to own that car. If you get tired of it, I'll gladly take it off your hands.
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    Chrysler Pacifica SRT?

    It could also be the new Mercedes R-Class, but without pics, I couldn't say for sure.
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    Sorry Caddy, you're all wet!

    Ford isn't publicizing it, but they aren't too far behind GM at the moment. They're hoping the new products like the Mark LT, redesigned Explorer, Fusion, etc. will pull them back out. It worked in 86 with the taurus, and in 1949 with the 49 Ford. But i think Ford may have pushed themselves...
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    97 Deville Keyfob Programming

    I work at Avis, and the 2005 DeVilles that we have there don't beep on locking, and i couldn't find a way to make it do so. maybe it is a Cadillac feature to have the horn not beep when locked. Perhaps there is a submenu in the menus you found? I don't own a DeVille, but could go find one and...
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    What is a "Classic"?

    techincally a classic is 15 years old, but my aunt's 89 taurus isn't what most people consider a classic. i think a classic is a car that is popular and has a timeless design that all can appreciate, such as the view of the Town Car up one post.
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    97 Deville Keyfob Programming

    usually when you reprogram a remote, the options you stated, such as the horn and flashing lights, are presets of the car, not the remote. I had to reprogram my remote, and the lights and horn settings stayed the same. it might be one of the options in the digital dash if your car is so...
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    Towncars in movies.

    In the movie The Mask, the super sretch limo he pulls up in is a white Town Car. and Tina Carlyle (Cameron Diaz) also pulls up in a Lincoln town car limousine if i remember correctly. Kind of off-subject, but a Lincoln Continental was used in Animal House, as well as Rolling Kansas. Another...
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    Is there a bigger trunk than towncar?

    I work for Matthew's Rent-a-Car, and the Town Car has the biggest trunk of all the cars. However, I think the new impala might actually be bigger, but i'll have to check numbers...
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    Chrysler Pacifica SRT?

    Could be a test mule, being as it was in michigan. A Pacifica SRT6 wouldn't have a very large market base is the only reason i'm surprised, though. Can't wait to see the pics!
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    Truly Mans Best Friend

    i use my cat as a pillow all the time, but she doesn't sit there. i wish i had a dog like that...
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    Still More Stupidity

    It was stupid, but admittedly funny.
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    Muffler / exhaust Questions HELP!

    If you want a nice rumble, you should look at Borla. They have a really throaty sound, but they might be kinda loud. If you're looking to go for the classic hot rod sound, just get some good old-fashioned glass packs. You might want to get some bigger chrome tips to eliminate a possible sound...
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    Joke of the day.

    Hee hee...
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    A few funny signs

    Got a few more signs for ya
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    Funny Cop shots!!!

    Ahhh... nothing like good cop pics...
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    Synthetic Oil

    I don't know too much about the filters, but I just recommend what my company uses. I use the Purolater filters cause they're cheap. Not too much point in putting expensive stuff on a Saturn.
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    Synthetic Oil

    I work at Grease Monkey doing oil changes. If you want your car to run at its best with the least amount of engine wear, use Mobil 1. It is the only fully synthetic oil on the market, and many customers want it. It's a bit more expensive, but well worth the price. Oh, and use a Fram oil...
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    Oh yeah...I WANT ONE!

    Where can i trade my dinky Saturn in for that?