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    Help with Front Bumper Molding Replacement

    I am having to replace the chrome molding strip on the front bumper of my '02 LS. Does anyone have any tips for the process of removing the existing molding? Looks like I may have to remove the whole bumper cover, but thought I would check with the experts first! Thanks for the help, Todd
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    Front Bumper Chrome Piece

    If you haven't found your front bumper molding cover by now the part # is: XW4Z17C829AA (2000-2002). Not sure if it works on other models or not. I got one at for $52.99 + shipping.
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    A/C problem??

    Same problem here. It has happened 3 times since I got my car back in early April. When it happens, I just switch the car off for a few minutes and it works fine again. I recently looked up pricing on the DATC module and found it for 375. Could not find anything on the DCCV. Also, does...
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    Well, I need to tires!! Grrrrr (Blowout!)

    I did not buy the Mustang OE Tread Design because I didn't know how it would look. I liked the pictures of the standard version, and figured most of the reviews were from owners with the standard version so I went with that. Still love the P-zeros!! As a side note, I have noticed that my...
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    Well, I need to tires!! Grrrrr (Blowout!)

    I just purchased 4 new tires and opted for the Pirelli Pzero Nero M&S. They have received great reviews on I have only put about 1,000 miles on them, but I absolutely love the tires. Very quiet, very smooth, and seem to have good traction (although I really haven't tested them...
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    Speed Sens. volume on the radio

    Thanks for the info... I was just thinking about this the other day. Just been too lazy to look through the manual.
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    What do we do for a living??

    I'm 29 years old, married 4 years. No kids yet, but do have a great Boxer (might as well be a kid :) ). Graduated from NC State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I manage a group of process engineers for Milliken and Company as well as help manage and market my wife's...
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    Fan Noise Help

    This problem has been solved!! As the weather has warmed here, I noticed my temperature running a little higher (slightly above the middle tick). I started checking everything again and noticed I had very little flow moving through my hose from the thermostat (should have been wide open). I...
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    Fan Noise Help

    Is it something that can be adjusted on the car or would the pump need to be removed? I would like to know if my situation is "normal" before I make any changes, also. Another idea I have is to install a cooler T-stat or modify the stock one to open sooner and allow the engine to run 5-10...
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    Fan Noise Help

    Sounds exactly like what I am talking about. Where is your temp gauge running? This may all be normal for these cars, but I just found it a little odd. I think the hydraulic setup is too complicated anyway... it would be much easier to use an electric fan (like the later models have). I just...
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    Fan Noise Help

    Hello all, I'm a new member here... just recently purchased an 02 LS V8 Premium with 52K miles. I love the car so far, but have a few questions for the pros here... My cooling fan seems to be running at high speeds most of the time I drive the car. I originally thought it was because my...