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    Excessive cranking issue when cold any thoughs or suggestions appreciated

    Sorry to hijack this but I am a new owner of a 2002 LS myself, had the guiy I bought it from just replace one coil that was oiley. If the problem is the same on the models prior to 03 why doesn't the extended warranty/ recall include them also?
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    Need Opinions

    thats what Im sayin! I figure I'll put it on here because fellow LS owners will be the toughest critics. If I get a thumbs up from here I can move ahead confidently.
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    Need Opinions

    :confused: Hmmm... how bout now?
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    Need Opinions

    Just bought an 02 LS with crappy 16 inch rims. these things are in terrible shape... I will still use them for winter rims but I'd like to take them off clean them sand them and repaint them first. Yes they're that bad. Anyway... just cruising around looking for options and I came across...
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    A few pics of LS

    Hmmm I don't know. Im usually a HUGE fan of black rims... these don’t seem to shine and "pop" though. Did you paint them yourself? I was thinking of putting black 18's on my 02 which is Medium Cypress Green (which for all intensive purposes looks gold 85% of the time) with my 20% tint I...
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    painting my own bumper...progress pics

    Awesome thanks!
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    painting my own bumper...progress pics

    Definitely a noob question but where did you order the spray paint to match the car? I just picked up a gold 02 LS8 and would like to get rid of the front bumper and rear surrond chrome. I think this could be the answer.
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    Noob from the North Shore

    Just put a deposit on an 02 LS8. I totalled my BMW in March during the 3 week typhoon that came through so I was looking for a replacement. The car seemed like such a great deal 56k miles one owner and I got it for $7400. So Im happy. I see some minor mods in my future exhaust intake and...