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    Engine rattles on startup

    mine has been getting worse too. nowadays even if it sits for 20 mins after several miles of driving it will still rattle ever so slightly. and after a restart like that it taps under heavy accel. like a sticky lifter or something.
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    Replacing Radiator on 2003 v8

    sorry to revive an old thread, been searching like mad. so the rad can be pulled from the top in a 2nd gen? this darn thing is the most complicated car ive worked on yet!
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    Engine rattles on startup

    I feel its because of the tall gear ratio in the rear end. and yes, bigwayner, I have that exact issue. lately its been hot so it doesn't do it everytime regardless of how long it sits
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    Engine rattles on startup

    thank you guys for being the guinea pigs! I worry that the sound is getting worse on my 03
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    Strictly BBS LM Thread

    absolutely loooooove it!
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    Engine rattles on startup

    keep us updated, my 03 does the same rattle you described after sitting for 6hrs+
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    just ditched my Lexus a few days ago and picked up a beautiful 03 ls