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    Options for Lincoln LS toe Link / Rear Adjustment Link / Torque Link 6W4Z-5B551-AA 1W4Z5B551AA

    You're looking for an inline ball joint. I've checked into it a bit for the Tension Compression rods on an early Datsun Z cars. The most common application appears to be inner tie rod joints and the only ones I've found threaded both sides seems to be in the tractor world. McMaster-Carr has...
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    Engine runs but knocks after high RPMs

    Drain the oil into a clean catch pan and check for metal shavings in the oil. Remove the oil filter, cut it open and check for metal shavings in the media as well. If you find metal then that's not a good thing at all but you'll have your answer. Good luck with it and bringing a motor to...
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    Lets try this again with some pics ...2001 3.9

    Glad it worked out for you and it doesn't matter what vehicle it was intended for as long as it fits. The inside and outside dimensions are shown in the link above so if the auto parts store didn't have it you could order one and try it since they're fairly inexpensive. I only point that out...
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    Lets try this again with some pics ...2001 3.9

    I would try the Dorman-Help line of products and start looking in the PCV valve grommets."PCV Valve Grommet|-49997819"&beginIndex=0&sortBy=5&_r=0.26046264709570743
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    AC Pressure Fluctuations - High and Low Sides

    Just wanted to close this out for future reference. It was entirely a fan control issue that was causing the pressure fluctuations. The after market fan is still in the car and after sorting a previously botched control wiring repair the fan is functioning as designed. The pressures...
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    AC Pressure Fluctuations - High and Low Sides

    Thanks Joe, I still have the stock fan and I know it's good since replacing it didn't fix anything. The new fan only started working after the wiring was fixed. I'm going to put the stock one back in but I'm also going to check out the wiring repairs. I'm no good with electrical gremlins and...
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    AC Pressure Fluctuations - High and Low Sides

    The car is a 2003 V8 and the AC is not cooling well at an idle. Bringing the revs up helps and it functions pretty well when the car is moving 30+ mph. Still not normal though. I have a video of the gauges taken at an idle in my garage with an ambient temperature of 85 degrees. This is at...
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    Question about the driver side window regulator assembly?

    You will need to run through the re-initialization procedure but what I neglected to point out is that the motor needs to be de-initialized first. That's what the linked article explains how to do. The previous programming has to be fully deleted for it to learn the limits of the new...
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    Question about the driver side window regulator assembly?

    I just put a Dorman regulator on my front passenger side and retained the original Bosch factory smart motor. Mine is an 03 so it's a Gen II same as Joe's. You will need to re-initialize the motor so that the auto up & down features will work correctly. I followed the procedure in this...
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    '03 LS8 Fan Failure

    I wound up taking it to a small shop I know and it was a connection problem at the harness side of the plug you had problems with. It's sorted now and the new fan is working as it should. I had checked for power when the key was on but I had not tested the continuity of the other wire. So if...
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    '03 LS8 Fan Failure

    OK, I'm bring this one back from the dead since my 03 LS V8 is having the exact same issue. Fan doesn't run at all but does have power and runs when it's jumped. I know SoulSoak's car was a wiring problem that the dealer wound up fixing but I'm looking for troubleshooting advice to start...
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    Gave the old girl, 2003 LS V8, a good bath and fired her up after sitting for 15 months. Couldn't believe it fired right up and runs really well even with the old fuel. Brakes and transmission are good but she does have issues to deal with. The DCCV went south, no big surprise & new...
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    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    I've run a Turn One pump on my LT1 Trans Am for years now and a friend has one on his LS3 powered 4th gen Camaro. Lots of road course duty between the two cars with great results. LSx Pumps and Acc.
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    Official: Stance Coilover Thread

    The shorter shock allows for a lower than stock ride height before you begin fine tuning with the threaded collar. This also allows the shock to have more travel because you're not compressing a longer shock to get that lowered ride height. I know it doesn't sound logical that a shorter shock...