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    2012 Cobrastar Emblems?

    I'm in for 2 sets
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    Restoring headlights

    After searching several pages, I finally found the answer. What a PITA if you don't know the name of the part haha. I have another quick question, I'm using the Chrome Brite tape, but I can't get it completely flat...will this wreck the light beam when I put everything back together?
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    Restoring headlights

    Quick question...I'm restoring my headlights and my friend lost the metal tabs that go inside of them. I was just wondering what these are for, and do I really need them? It's hard to find parts for my car around where I live. Thanks in advance
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    93 proportioning valve

    Hey I was wondering if you guys have any tips on how to remove and install a proportioning valve on a 93 mark viii? I've been looking at it, and it looks to be in a difficult spot. I took off the master cylinder, and can still barely get my hands in there. Any help would be appreciated...
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    Auto wreckers

    Hey I'm having a hard time finding turn signals for my 93 up in Canada. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any auto wreckers close to the border near the Vancouver area? Any info would be great, thanks
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    New guy from Canada

    I just randomly found this site while I was on youtube looking at exhaust clips. I bought a 93 Lincoln Mark viii for a winter car and a 94 for a parts car. I fell in love with these cars when I drove my parts car home. I can't wait to start working on this car. I'm sure I'll have all a few...