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    Knowledge on water pumps

    I'd run Gates before Airtex...
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    PCM reset methods??

    I doubt Ford had a new one. I tried about a year ago to find one for a customer with no luck. As for Flashing...all you need to do is find someone with a J2534 Pass Through Device. If you lived close by I would do it for free or whatever the Subscription cost.
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    2005 Lincoln LS Suspension

    Ok I have a 2005 Lincoln LS. I was looking to replace all of the suspension on this car. The car has a set of Staggered Rohana RC22 wheels. 20x9 on the Front and 20x10 on the Rear. I recently purchased a set of Stance coilovers for this car. Now I'm trying to get some input on the Suspension...
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    Oh yeah!!! $hyt just got real!!!

    See how much this hose has grown? Lol!!!
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    Oh yeah!!! $hyt just got real!!!

    Everything else has been changed already. I fired it up when I got done and the hose clamp under the coolant tank started leaking. So now I'm fixing it today.
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    Oh yeah!!! $hyt just got real!!!

    I'm removing my intake to replace the Throttle Body Coolant Hose.
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    Elimanating the E.G.R

    To my knowledge that can't be done on this one. The MAP Sensor is located on top of the EGR Valve.
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    SCT Tuner

    My customer gave me this today. Can anyone here program this to tune my 2005 Lincoln LS?
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    Throttle body PLEASE HELP

    You're right Joe. My car kept going into Fail Safe mode with no Throttle Body Codes. The information center said "ETC Failsafe ". We scan the car and found a Map Sensor code. I replaced it and the issue went away.
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    Throttle body PLEASE HELP

    Joe are you in Gulfport,Ms?
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    Throttle body PLEASE HELP

    . Most basic Scan Tools can do it. If you don't have one try your Local Parts Store. They should be able to scan your vehical for you.
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    Throttle body PLEASE HELP

    Run a Diag first! It could be anything from a COP to a MAP Sensor causing your problem. They all are on the same 5 Volt Reference Line going to the ECM. Anything faults in either will mess with the Throttle Body.
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    Another overheating ls

    Bad fan!
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    ETC Engine Failsafe Indication

    I say get a better scanner first. Anything that uses 5 volts Reference from the ECM on the same line will interfere with the Throttle Body.
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    Front Lower Control Arm; Poly Bushings vs Complete Arm Replacement

    I will look into this in the morning when I get to work. I'm having some sort of the same issue.
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    2005 Lincoln LS Subwoofer Enclosure Volume

    I'm kinda stuck between running 2 Blues Car Audio 10s or 2 pair of CDT HD-M6+ or a simple pair of CDT ES-0690 GOLD or CL-69SUB CF.
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    2005 Lincoln LS Subwoofer Enclosure Volume

    So since you're The Audio Guy...Does CDT make anything that sounds Great? Im asking because the rest of my components will be Blues Car Audio thats going to be powered by Linear Power.
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    2005 Lincoln LS Subwoofer Enclosure Volume

    I just did today. LOL! I've had this car 1 year now and just looked for the 6x9s. That explains why all the surrounds fell into trunk. HA!