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    1998 Mark VIII LSC transmission

    I have the same leak but was told it's coming from the rear transmission seal on the tail of the transmission. Have to remove fuel tank to remove drive shaft, is what I was told. So waiting until the fuel pump needs changing. But now I'll have to check this o-ring and see it that's the actual...
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    98 LSC Stolen

    Here I thought mine was the only Ivory 98 LSC in Omaha. Nice to know there's another. Sorry to hear about your misfortune with the theft but glad they didn't do any more damage than they did. Could have been a lot worse I suppose.
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    For Sale 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII ***PART OUT***

    Looking for a driver's side door handle exterior. Is this car white or Ivory? It looks more Ivory.
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    Doing my heater core at work tomorrow, need advice or a writeup.

    If you're going through the dash to get to the valve cover gaskets you MIGHT want to re-think your strategy. Jus' sayin'..... :)
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    Whats broke on your car?

    Broke driver's door exterior handle just yesterday. Other stuff: blend door telescoping steering wheel doesn't work and tilt function is intermittent. Probably the switch. small oil leak at tail end of transmission...probably replace the fuel pump while the tank is down for that, just to avoid...
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    Need advice on OEM tire replacement

    Just mostly interstate. Like a quiet, soft ride.
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    Need advice on OEM tire replacement

    Car never goes to the track. Just interstate and around town, mostly interstate. Want something smooth and quiet but good tread wear and good in snow. I don't usually drive it in the snow unless my Explorer goes down for some reason. I'm liking the idea of the Eagle GT's. Had some of...
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    Need advice on OEM tire replacement

    Might consider that.
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    Need advice on OEM tire replacement

    Need to buy new tires as the Michellin's are weather checked badly on the side walls. Tread is still okay but not great. Am looking at three different brands but want to stick with OEM size: Pirelli--Cinturato P7 All Season Plus $106 ea. Bridgestone--Potenza RE97AS $117 ea...
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    Missing a wheel cap

    You're right. Chrome. (Didn't even know they made the silver until I saw them on ebay.)
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    Missing a wheel cap

    Nope, not snow flakes. They're the directionals w/the 2 1/4" cap. I did find some on ebay but if anyone has some they'd care to sell, I'd just as soon buy from a member. Let me know.
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    Missing a wheel cap

    Never came across this before. I looked at my front driver's side wheel the other morning and the cap was missing. Not sure if it left on it's own or if someone needed one more than I did. Anyway, where does someone look for one of these? Ebay?
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    Epic fail

    Interesting read:
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    Clock Spring

    So if I needed one (as a spare to have on hand) what kind of price are we talking here?
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    Clock Spring

    Sorry to hear. I'm going to be pulling my steering column to deal with a dodgy potentiameter on the steering column. Can you detail what you did that caused the clockspring to break? Might help others avoid the problem. Thanks!
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    telescoping feature stopped working

    So it's not the switch you think? I can still tilt the wheel up and down. I found the write-up on Lincolns online. Looks like an entire removal of the column is necessary to fix this.
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    telescoping feature stopped working

    Can't get the steering wheel to move in our out using the toggle switch on the bottom of the steering column. I know the mechanism works because it will still move when using the drivers presets. Is this switch a common failure and is there a way to trouble shoot without removing? I checked...
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    Time Capsule Mark

    I have an Ivory Mark VIII '98 just like that one and absolutely love it! At night, hit the unlock button on the key fob and it just glows. But mine is at 89,000 miles.
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    Parting my 97 mark VIII

    Happen to have a visor w/Homelink built in?
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    Car won't start with headlights turned on?

    Do the battery terminals get hot? I had a t-bird once that did the same thing. Just enough connection at the battery to make all the accessories work but as soon as you turned the key to start, it would do what you describe. Found it had a loose battery terminal and it was almost red hot...