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    2001 Lincoln Continental, R.I.P.

    I bought a 2001 Lincoln Continental from a really crappy, unscrupulous used car dealership called hnr auto sales in Fremont, CA earlier this year. Unfortunately I no longer own this car seeing as it is sitting dead on the side of the highway just south of Lake Tahoe. The first major problem that...
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    1998-02 Continental Leather Seats

    I just bought an 01 Continental and would like to know what other owners of 98-02 Continentals think of the driver & passenger seats in these cars. Mine has the buckets, I will start out by saying that they are incredibly comfortable seats especially on long road trips. However I'm Extremely...
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    Sudden Acceleration?

    I was wondering if any 1998-02 Lincoln Continental owners on this forum have experienced or know what could be causing the following problems. I have an 01 Continental, since buying it from a used car dealership a couple weeks ago I have noticed that 1) There's a whining sound coming from either...
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    Mark VIII Shift Knob Question

    Thanks for the info, that Taurus shift knob is virtually identical to the one that is in my Continental.
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    Mark VIII Shift Knob Question

    This is a question for all the Mark VIII owners on this site. I have an 01 Continental, does anyone know if it would be possible to replace the black shift knob on the floor shift selector in my Continental with the real wood shift knob from a 1997-98 Mark VIII? The two shift knobs look very...
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    Continental Shift Knob

    I have an 01 Continental, does anyone know if it would be possible to replace the black shift knob on the floor shift selector in my Continental with the real wood shift knob from a 1997-98 Mark VIII? The two shift knobs look very much the same but the Continental shift knob does not have an...
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    Is handwriting on the wall - Lincoln closing 1/3 dealerships

    I agree with most of what 83 markvi said. The problem with these new Lincoln's such as the MKS, MKZ, MKX, etc. is that 1) they have a bunch of weird looking mismatched lines and angles which means 2) they look absolutely horrendous and 3) there's no longer any real Lincoln brand identity when it...
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    Cornering lamps question

    I'm not worried about the cornering lamps producing too much light. The cornering lamps are actually kind of dull with the stock bulbs and you don't get a huge amount of glare coming from the sides because of the reflector covering the bulb. I'm not going to mess around with the wiring anytime...
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    Cornering lamps question

    This is a question for someone who has expertise with headlamp wiring & fuses. I was thinking of changing the front turn signal/parking lights on my 01 Continental to switchback LED's, the problem is that I don't like White parking lights. As an alternative I was thinking that it would be pretty...
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    Memory seats question

    I have an 01 Lincoln Continental with almost every option in the book. I have a question about the memory seats. I know there's a feature in the menu called Seat Access, you turn it on and when you pull out/put in the key the seat is supposed to move forward/backward 2 inches. When I bought the...
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    New (used) Lincoln owner

    I agree with what you said about the last generation Continental, it's probably the most car you can get for your money under $8k. I was looking at your red 2000 Continental, it has one of the cleanest paint jobs that I have ever seen on an older Lincoln. Is that the original paint or did you...
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    Just got my Cobra Stars In!!!

    Is there any website in particular where you can find some of them used or do you know anyone on this site who has two extra ones for sale? Or does one just have to randomly search ebay & amazon to find any for sale?
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    Just got my Cobra Stars In!!!

    (@ OchoMarko)This is the first time that I have seen the Lincoln Cobra Star logo. It's absolutely wicked looking. Please tell me what person or website that you bought yours from. These would look perfect on the black 01 Continental that I just bought. Who's Geno, what company is he with? Thanks.
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    Continental picture thread!

    Hey Gearhead those are some badass looking headlights on your 98 Cont. I've never heard of Morimoto lighting kits until now. What website did you buy yours on and did you buy yours as one complete kit or did you purchase the ballasts and bulbs seperately? Do you know what model number your...
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    not sure what to get as a new used lincoln

    Pantera, I would go for either a 98-02 Continental or the Mark VIII if you can find one in good condition. Those are probably the two most unique and stylish Lincoln models produced as far as older Lincolns from the 90's-early 2000's go. If you like SUV's the pre-2007 Navigator's are pretty nice...
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    New (used) Lincoln owner

    Hey, My name is Dave and I'm the new owner of a black, fully loaded 2001 Lincoln Continental. This is the second Lincoln Continental that I have owned. A couple years ago I briefly owned a cream color 99 Continental with the more basic trim package. I bought this one from a used car...