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    No start problem here..

    Seems like everything that has went wrong thus far is due to a loose dongle somewhere. With the AC it was the plug there on the blower motor...with the lights it was also a loose plug. I also have an intermittent "Door is Open" on the message center..which of course makes the message center...
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    No start problem here..

    Found the problem. Crank position sensor plug. I wiggled it, and it fired right up. My next question is does the plug itself go bad? Or is it the sensor itself? Car has 135k miles, and there was no oil on or around the plug. Typical road grime. I'd hate for it to do this while my wife is out...
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    No start problem here..

    Been looking around elsewhere on the net, and have seen anything from crank trigger Idle Air Control Valve the most scary sounding..hydraulic chain tensioner. Hydraulic chain tensioner suggests to me that this thing is kind of like variable valve timing? It SOUNDS...
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    No start problem here..

    Car is a 96 Mark VIII. I drove it today and it ran excellent as usual. Wife went to start it up a couple hours later, and it turns over "easily" but wont start. Last time I heard a car turning over with this particular sound, it was a Taurus SHO...with a broken T belt. In other words the engine...
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    Wiper woes on my '96.

    Anyone else experienced this? I will sometimes turn on the wipers. (It sometimes rains up here in Washington) When I turn them off, they will intermittently park in the "up" position. I have to turn it on and off several times to get them to park in the correct position. My multiswitch isnt...
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    Not sure whether or not the whole car gets crushed or not...but I remember the crusher laws enacted not long ago where a dealership would get a tax break to remove the car completely from the crush it. A shame imho. Lot of folks cant afford a new car, and now the source of used...
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    Here She is.

    Kids! Expensive pets! Have 3 myself. Nothing will bring you more hapiness. Well.... Congratulations Geno.
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    Zebra PAckage? LMAO!!

    Genuine deal...if you look close you can see where they painted over the white stripes. What a shame..would have added immensely to the value of the car. All kidding aside, I would own it in a heartbeat. Someone took real good care of her.
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    Found these on CL today if you are in Wa/Or

    I dont know the guy. Its an individual parting 4 mark 8's. He is in Vancouver. Hope this helps someone.
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    I've wanted one since 1977

    I like these cars too, as well as the Pantera's. If I had my druthers, the coin, a job I could depend on etc, I would love to get a mid 80's to mid 90's convertible Jaguar XJS. To me that is almost the sexiest car made. HAS to be a ragtop though, the hardtop Jags looked kind of off to me. That...
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    Checkout these bada$$ shifter knobs.

    Have seen those, they are an eyecatcher. I like Norm Grabowski's too. Big coin though since Norm has a kind of "pedigree". If you are into old street rods or attend any NSRA shows in mid america you can't miss this guy. He is acnowleged as the father of the "Fad T". Have had ginger ale with...
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    New guy checkin in.

    Search button works wonders. Have found almost all my answers elsewhere on the forums. Thanks to Geno at LMS for exhaust info. Its on my list..and hopefully soon.
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    How to remove tints.....?

    What KIND of tint? The black bag works well...but something no one mentioned is the TYPE of tint. If you are removing the cheap Gila crap you buy and do yourself..that stuff always added another 100 bucks to the labor for tint removal in my shop. Granted you may not know what type of tint you...
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    Looking for clubs/groups in SW Washington/Portland

    Any to be found? I want to get back into going to car shows, bench racing..yakkety yak. Last time I had this much fun I was driving a Calloway Corvette, and going to NSRA events with a very nice 1965 Rambler American.(Small block chevy swap, stroked within an inch of its life and a nice set of...
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    New guy checkin in.

    Hello folks. My name is Mark...appropriately enough. I own a 92 Mark VII, which was the recent victim of a honda up the tailpipe...which was in fact inserted by a 2008 Tahoe. The car is still driveable and very much fixable. Pre accident she was perfect. The even better news however is that...