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    transmission question!

    No I been dealing with something a no the two are not interchangable
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    Aftermarket LS Parts!

    First off hats off to U Stu Ur the mutha f%$&in Dude... I thought I was. Thanx for setting me Str8 about the LS Game bro. Wut else I need to know is where to find a transmission for my 02 Ls automatic... Mines took a dump and life ain't been the same w/o it... Help please
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    transmission question!

    Wut up LS gang I have a 02 Ls with a 2wp??? Version of the 5r55n transmission my question is can the 1wp??? Version of the 5r55n bolt up and work effectively?
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    For Sale Complete, Never Mounted, CDC Gen 1 LSE Body Kit

    Do U still have the lowering springs? And how much are U looking to get.
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    Where to buy coil springs

    I don't have an answer I have a question... Where did U find the lowering springs. I've been in the daylight w/ a flashlight trying to find some. I even called Eibach. A discontinued item.