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    Continental picture thread!

    Bought my 2000 a few months ago with 41k miles..... Cleaned it up and tinted the windows and I love the car!!!
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    98 Conti Progress thread

    Nice car, Picked one up a few months ago (2000 Model) with only 41k miles. I tinted the windows and would love to change the exhaust but it is my wife’s and she wants to keep it stock….. No Sound :( I drive a 2000 Grand Marquis, duel exhaust, performance mufflers, and 355 gears (Still slow...
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    New Member from Florida

    Love the tech information, cant wait to spend more time looking through the site! Recently picked up a 2000 Lincoln Continental (41,xxx Miles) Also Own a 2000 Grand Marquis (Bought with 52,xxx miles 2 years ago, currently have 80,xxx Miles)