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    help please save my car

    Hear, hear
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    no eldorado's?

    Eldo in Belgium Hi, Here are some pics of my 1992 Eldo ETC Changed the lights in the back to US specs, as the European red/amber didn't look good, and gave not enough light at night, but now I drive without backup lights as they were incorporated in the rear lights. Can anyone help me with...
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    no eldorado's?

    Is there a difference between the American Eldorado and the one made for Europe ? mine is a 1992 ETC, which I bought in 1993 from a GM Executive in Antwerp It's still mint and has 87000 miles. Doesn't leak, doesn't make funny noises and runs great, but I had to replace front and rear shocks...
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    Im Pissed ----Who Did This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    be happy, it's almost christmass.....