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  1. landOFlincoln

    For Sale Lincoln LS Sport 2006

    Best to you. I would think that most of the members here are in the US*(?) which can make it more difficult for a sale, but hey...I sold a car a few yrs back to s/one in Nova Scotia, so is possible. It's just that some don't want to go thru the "extra" steps in getting one...
  2. landOFlincoln

    oil leak

    Is that so? I don't know because I'm no mechanic, but what I was just told about the OIL PAN GASKET replacement, is not encouraging by ANY s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Yeah...I was noticing an oil burning odor every other time I cranked the car up. The odor would pretty much disappear after a few miles...
  3. landOFlincoln

    New LS owner here...

    Welcome Attila. I agree with you (and most here would as well :)), as far as dropping the LS and leaving a "void" in the line up. It was a nice logical transition from the Continental to the LS, but the other new Lincolns in their line up leave much to be desired, i.e. MKZ, MKS. That holds...
  4. landOFlincoln

    My Introduction and my dilemma..

    Good to have you onboard Bobby. your "introduction", you said nothing about where you're from other than listing USA :) Congrats in advance on the birth of your new addition to the family as well
  5. landOFlincoln

    Welcome Wagon

    Welcome Randy...good to have you onboard.
  6. landOFlincoln

    I'm new, the LS isn' you recognize it?!

    KRAZYKOB...Sent you a PM asking some questions, but I see ONE of them is answered with your post here! <thumb up> Awesome...I asked whether you were from Michigan, NY or w/ever else and I see Michigan :) I used to live there and Troy for about 6yrs I think it was. Some of the guys I used to...
  7. landOFlincoln

    New Member from Canada

    Good to have you on board, even if you're from the other side of the tracks/border :)
  8. landOFlincoln

    is there anyone here that loves the quiet stock sound of the LS over loud exhuasts?

    It's how I perceive the car me it's more of a "luxury" type car than a hotrod, and a stylish car that should come off as smooooooth, clean & comfortable & quiet. I've got the rumble packed inside my Mopar when I wanna tickle my ears :)
  9. landOFlincoln

    Official LS Picture Thread

    JRT...The 6th pic down that you posted looks like the "QUICK WASH" sign is attached to the top of the know, like the pizza delivery guys? lol :)
  10. landOFlincoln

    Painted grill

    :) Is that your way of saying you don't like chrome? lol each his/her own. That goes from the car itself, to ever fine detail s/one is willing to change from the original, be it performance or cosmetic. To JRUPPERT...did you clear the black or does it come off a bit flat? Isn't...
  11. landOFlincoln

    Hello, new member from Falkville, AL.

    Glad to have you onboard
  12. landOFlincoln

    I think i gonna sell my 2001 Lincoln Ls

    LOL...too funny, yeah... Actually, clicking on "NEW POSTS" every new thread/post pulls up, and yeah...simply working my way backwards to see what I may have missed, but there's no date range I pulls 'em ALL up :) :) And without viewing the dates, yep, that's my story and I'm...
  13. landOFlincoln

    I think i gonna sell my 2001 Lincoln Ls

    I do, yes...can't see how that even applies(?). Not an issue either way, is it? I've bought/sold 14 vehicles in less than 10 years alone I think it is. I believe several simply offered up their thots after Quicksilver himself asked, "Is this a good deal?", right? So I may be missing...
  14. landOFlincoln

    I think i gonna sell my 2001 Lincoln Ls

    To each his/her own, but dropping $27k (less what you'd get from the sale of your car), is WAAAAAAAAY north of what I would spend on an 8yr old car...especially an LS. Notice I didn't say "what YOU should spend", as it's your $$$ :) I get it...the fact that you like the LS auto, but there's I...
  15. landOFlincoln

    Lurker turned to New Member!

    Welcome Echo. Ha, when and where I grew up, we always referred to soda as "pop"...I still do as a matter of fact. the last 7 years, how many miles have you logged on your LS, and how much of your hard earned money have you thrown at it? :)
  16. landOFlincoln

    Hello from Florida.

    Just checked in and see I said I had an '04, NOT! :) 2005
  17. landOFlincoln

    Springs Finally Here - New Wheels!

    Interesting that the tires "fit"...but I think that may be loosely interpreted, because they don't seem to "fit"...that is, unless you plan on driving in a straight line, avoiding all bumps in the road, & plan on parking on the street so you don't have to pull up a curb :) Did you have to...
  18. landOFlincoln

    Official LS Picture Thread

    Well I guess your 1st post was s/what of an introduction? :) Is that Greencastle, Indiana by chance? Nice area. Welcome aboard, and maybe s/body on the board can troubleshoot for you with the airbag light...a lot of knowledgeable guys on the board as well.
  19. '05 Cashmere Tricoat

    '05 Cashmere Tricoat

    Engine Specifications: N/A Engine Misc.: N/A Turbocharger & Induction: N/A Fuel & Tuning: N/A Exhaust: N/A Drivetrain: N/A Weight reduction & transfer: N/A Suspension, wheels & tires: N/A Interior: N/A Exterior: N/A
  20. landOFlincoln

    LS Rear Brake Pads Length

    If the proberbial shoe fits, is it an issue? Call and check with Auto Zone, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Pep Boys, etc and if they've got 'em stocked, have 'em go measure for you. That should settle the matter, right?