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    new Daily driver!!

    yes its a lot of fun, gonna get me in trouble pretty soon if I dont smarten up haha. such a pig on gas though. oh well got pay to play! I raced a few people so far. I pulled on a 2011 genesis 3.8gt, 2002 acura rsx type s and a 1992 dodge shadow 2.5 turbo running 17lbs straight piped.(pretty...
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    new Daily driver!!

    Picked up a 94' super coupe manual couple weeks ago. 211k on body, 500(yes five hundred)km on motor. car has after market cams, ported heads and a crankshaft out of a 4.2l windstar. everything else is stock. I was told the previous owner to which whom i bought it off of rebuilt the motor then...
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    Is this is the right transmission? is this the t3650? im pretty sure it is, seems like a good deal. might just have to grab it! after i grab this of course...
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    Mark with a coyote

    God damnit I was just gonna post this lol
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    1997 Evergreen/Ivory Progress

    Make sure to post a couple videos! I'd like to see a first to 3rd gear pull!
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    Advice for top end work

    I work at Waterloo ford in Canada but it was a fluke thing it wasn't even in stock. Someone had ordered them a long time ago and never picked them up and one of our parts journeyman remembered of a set.
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    Advice for top end work

    My dealership had them in stock LOL
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    Advice for top end work

    I'm about to do my upper and lower intake manifold gaskets because they are leaking. I was Just wondering if any body has some tips/tricks, thing I could replace while this deep in, etc that would be good to know about. Thanks guys!
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    Got my first mark 8!

    Beamers and brightsource make good quality hid kits, a little on the expensive side but you get what you pay for
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    v6 coils, KARLYN or BECK/ARNLEY

    OEM dude, if you keep throwing ****ty parts at the car, you are gonna have a bad time.
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    Post your mileage (also a poll!)

    Every time...:rolleyes:
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    Post your mileage (also a poll!)

    I just rolled 122k miles
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    Catholic School Girls

    haha thats a good one!
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    Parting Out The '97 LSC

    How's the driver side mirror housing?
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    Mark8 chat "Zello" app

    how the eff do i send a request?
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    Parting Out The '97 LSC

    Like the thing that latches on the striker? It's a common part shared across lots of ford platforms. If your lazy I have one BNIB I'd sell.
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    How many 2013 MKZ'S have you seen?

    I work at a Lincoln dealership, they are selling well.