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  1. MediumD

    New Mark VIII High Performance Seats

    Although I appreciate Legend1's seats, I'm pretty sure the SHO/SC adjustable bolster seats should have been the factory default, at least for LSCs.
  2. MediumD

    Air bag preventive maintenance?

    My 98 has perfectly functioning air ride, with a bunch of miles on it. I'm not sure it's all OEM, but it looks to be. Granted it's got 1.35 million miles on it, and it's a Freightliner Century, but still.
  3. MediumD

    Looking at a 95 Taurus SHO MTX...

    Trust, but verify. Pretty much every SHO I've seen in the past 5 years has been a complete pile.. I like the 1st and 2nd gens (and I don't hate the V8 3rd gens either,) but they're very difficult to find in good shape these days.
  4. MediumD

    Chat Open......

    Mostly because of a concept that you are clearly not familiar with: Class.
  5. MediumD

    For Sale??

    I'd rather have "good" stop by my house than bad.
  6. MediumD

    what spray to find vacuum leak?

    Or just get a propane torch, open the valve a little bit, and move it around where you think the leak is. The idle will change, it may improve or sometimes it will get worse. Oh yeah, an UNLIT propane torch...
  7. MediumD

    whats with the new 'thank' thing?

    Good luck with that. Every other forum I'm on that has a thanks button doesn't work that way, but I guess there's a tiny chance that this one could do it...
  8. MediumD

    Alaskan Gen 2, member here?

    There are like 2 houses in that state that even have internet access. I visited my uncle up in AK a couple years ago, he just got hooked up with 28.8k dial up, which doesn't even count as internet access IMO. And he was in the middle of one of the top 15 "cities" by population.
  9. MediumD

    got a couple things accomplished today

    In my experience, including asking a few local law enforcement officers, this is going to be the case almost all the time. They won't usually even be able to measure the rear windshield. If they do (and they don't seem like the kind of cop to screw you,) you can ask about box trucks and camper...
  10. MediumD

    Why do we mod our cars?

    I can't afford my house, starting my business, AND a 900 rwhp CTS-V, so I'll take the 2 former items and a 8xx rwhp Mark VIII (it will be done eventually.) Even if I could afford a bone stock CTS-V, I'd take the 8xxwhp Mark and a couple grand left over rather than a stock V...
  11. MediumD

    Nice weekend, checked in at a local Hospital.

    Yeah, the end of my elbow broke off, and the tricep kept it separated from the rest of the bone, so there's a plate and 5 screws keeping it together. I actually had to pay someone to install a trailer hitch, lame.
  12. MediumD

    Is it okay - Headlight restore

    I was about to refurbish the headlamps for my Crown Vic, they're getting hazy... Instead, I just ordered a pair of brand new headlamp assemblies. Thank you all for reminding me just what a good deal I got at $55 for a pair of (non-OEM, but still perfect looking) brand new headlamps...
  13. MediumD

    Wanted.. HID for 96 LSC only.

    I have an OEM 9500 HID bulb that I'm not sure about. It has a black mark on the ground(?) strap near the arc tube, it worked when pulled, but I wouldn't expect it to last forever. I'll send it to anyone who may want it or who can test it for resale for five dollars plus actual shipping cost...
  14. MediumD

    Nice weekend, checked in at a local Hospital.

    Not sure if you have smartphone, but if so, get a calorie counting app like MyFitnessPal or something like that. It's much easier to achieve your goals when you can actually track your progress. BTW, Nolimit, it's dilaudid aka hydromorphone. Ask me how I know, here's what my elbow looks...
  15. MediumD

    93-98 Lincoln Mark VIII oil pan with oil level sensor

    I'd take them to resell, IIRC I got about $100 for the stuff you want $50 for. :)
  16. MediumD

    And Neeeww N/A record holder.

    Try new "record holder" without qualifying it... Not that I hold any records, but still.
  17. MediumD

    Blue Flame, All Out

    Because that makes it faster... :rolleyes:
  18. MediumD

    18 inch Snowflakes???

    They would look like a 12.5% bigger pile.
  19. MediumD

    BOB 98 LSC cheap!!

    There are legal ways around that in most states, things like a mechanics lein or abandoned vehicle title... if it clears NCIC, it can probably be titled.