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  1. Chapman_ls

    Cranks then dies

    hey Joegr, its been driving good every since the part change! Thanks again!
  2. Chapman_ls

    Cranks then dies

    Joegr you are the man!! I replaced the mass air flow sensor and it started and stayed running. About to take for a test drive in few. Will update soon! Thanks Again!!!
  3. Chapman_ls

    Cranks then dies

    Hey fellas I need a little help on my 04 LS v8. Today i was on my way to work and i got about 20 mins from home going about 70 mph and my car lost power. No warning lights or anything. I couldn't accelerate so i coasted to the emergency lane where it died. Tried to crank it, and it started then...
  4. Chapman_ls

    AutoZone's car code says I need to replace the PCV valve and/or hose...

    Ok thanks for the advice. But when I pulled the code P0171 is stated most common fix would be the pcv valve and hose…
  5. Chapman_ls

    Holly short circuit LS man

    did you ever find the problem. I'm having the same problem on my 04 Lincoln ls???