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    $15 Hydraulic Pump Delete (V6)

    Thank you so much, this is a great DIY project.
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    Burnt coils?

    I bought new coils on ebay on the cheap and they worked well. Now i go to the wrecker yard and pull coils from wrecked cars for a song. Some people are stuck on Motorcraft parts, they maybe better but these are old cars now. They are just not worth pumping money into.
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    Hello everyone!!

    still driving my 01v6 since new, 20 years now, 238k runs great, working on a few things that quit every 100k miles. So your car starts then stops. Put your key in the ignition turn it to on (not start) and listen for the fuel pump to start pumping fuel. If its quiet you can hear it. If you don;t...
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    01V6 motor mount replacement level of difficulty

    01V6 236k miles, motor mounts are crushed. What is the level of difficulty to replace them. This is still my daily driver but the number of repairs needed are growing by the day. The vacuum lines are as brittle as dry spaghetti. Even the thick rubber hoses snap like twigs. Chasing the P codes...
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    today i worked on the power steering pump, what a pain, looked straight forward to me, not really any issues installing the new pump at 231K miles, but the high pressure line is leaking out the center of the 18mm nut, damn! ok, tried to seal the shaft pipe with an o-ring, but no luck. looks like...
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    Another Cooling System Question

    I've had no issues with aftermarket parts. What I do have an issue with is the junk they built this car with LOL!
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    New LS owner here, with long cranking issues.

    My 01 fuel pump died about 125k miles, I would bet it's the fuel pump. If you are going to keep the car get a good fuel pump not a cheap one. You will need to pull out the back seat lower cushion and look for the fuel pump cover. Remove the hoses and power cord then the entire fuel pump housing...
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    Need suggestions

    Raise the front of the vehicle and check for play of the steering end links, easy enough. once the tire is off the ground grab it at the 9 and 3 position and rock it back and forth, again at the 6 and 9 position. there should be no play. if there is play then end links are the problem, could be...
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    Need part number for vacuum harness

    many thanks but i know it is out there because the ford f150 has the same looking harness and there are plenty available, i may have to buy the f150 harness and just modify the length of hose line. The f150 harness is about $20 online.
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    Seized a/c compressor

    Replaced mine years ago with the filter canister. Drew down the vacuum in the system then loaded with a can of 134a. Been running fine for years now. Be sure and clean out any debris caught in front of the radiator.
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    Looking for Hydraulic Fan Actuator xw4z-3783-CA

    I replace my pump fluid every January without fail.
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    2004 ls air conditioner

    Is this the original compressor, it may be signaling that it needs to be replaced.
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    Oil in my spark plug holes

    I've run my 01 V6 for years with oil in the plug wells, The heat generally degrades the rubber boots. You can buy replacement boots on Ebay cheap. I use a suction device to suck out any oil in the wells and replace the boots. As said already the oil comes from the gaskets leaking oil into the wells.
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    Need part number for vacuum harness

    2001 V6 3.0L The vacuum harness connects to the EGR valve then travels back to the EGR vacuum valve then to the back of the intake manifold for suction. I have found plenty of parts for the F150 that look identical, however it says they are not compatible. So does anyone know the manufacturer...
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    Need Help to Diagnose Overheating Car

    check for more leaks around the radiator hose connections, they crack. Have someone else start the engine while you look for leaks. i found two leaks that way.
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    An LS owner no more

    that car is barely used, had mine for 20 years now, 238k miles. still my daily driver. that old 6 cyl runs like new.
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    Help! More Cooling System Problems

    In addition to this if you make it to 200K miles the hoses will begin to flake apart on the interior. This debris can clog your DCCV and other areas. If you see black bits floating in your reservoir tank then your hoses are starting to break down. Also check the plastic neck on your radiator...
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    Vacuum Leak P0106

    DIY smoke machine.
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    Front Left Knuckle/Ball Joint Replacement

    Men who complain about the LS repair costs have never been married.
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    DTC 1401/401 solved 01V6

    Update - after replacing the EGR parts beginning with the DPFE, the fault codes came back. Some were not enough flow and others were two much flow. So what went wrong here? Everything was replaced right? Here is the answer. I replaced the DPFE first. The rest of the system and hoses were full of...