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    LS Registry..

    What do we drive? 04 LS V8 Ultimate Cashmere over Gray:)
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    1996 Lincoln Town Car Parting out

    96 Town Car parting out. I need the Rt. front turn signal lense cover if it isn't cloudy or broken. you can contact me at 812-580-9114 John V. (Jay) Bailey AKA (doctorj)
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    Looking to get an LS in the near future

    Gas Question I have an 04 LS V8 Ultimate, when I drive it arround town I keep premium in it if I'm on a long road trip I will alternate fillups between the two. I get 24-26 mpg on the road (not in the slow lane either). I have the electronic parking brake and it failed the day I...
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    Pics for new DIY guys

    I haven't been on in a while what caused you to have to pull the upper end of the engine apart in the 1st place; is this just another in a long line of opportunities I am to encounter with my new Lincoln? I love to drive the car when everything is right but mine has been in the shop 9 times...
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    Ls Owners

    P.S. I new I forgot something, catback exhaust with H pipe 3 " front to back.
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    Ls Owners

    Bolt ons and warranty! The Turbo Coupe had a higher pressure wastegate and a hi energy ignition. The SHO had a computer chip, dynomax duals, tbody and mass air. The GT has pulleys, Custom Diablo chip, Headers, P I Heads with stage 2 porting, stage 2 billet cams, super subframe connectors...
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    Ls Owners

    Bolt ons and warranty! I can personaly attest that any bolton will not affect the warranty unless the dealer can PROVE that they were the cause of the problem! If you encounter any problems contact SEMA they have people that love dealers who are anal retentives! I had a Turbo Coupe An...
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    Custom LS vs. 2 CTS-V at One Lap of America Event

    2 valve explanation First off 2 valve has been the norm for many years, but that was generally a 2 valve, overhead valve engine with standard rocker arms and pushrods. In current speak, 2 valve is a 2 valve per cylinder ( 1 intake and 1 exhaust ) and an overhead cam with cam followers...
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    My "baby" is in the hospital

    I hope you have a good mechanic, I wish you luck, keep us posted
  10. 98 FORD Mustang GT CNV

    98 FORD Mustang GT CNV

    I got the 98 whenI was 40 my youngest son just got back from the war in the middleeast and is taking it over. It has stage 2 ported PI heads with stage 2 billet cams, 3" cat back, super subs, UD Pulleys, Hurst Shifter, TB, Mas Air Meter, Stainless Shorty Headers, 3.73 gears and a diablo chip...
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    2004 LS V8 Ultimate, is anyone else having ebrake problems?

    I don't know if it had anything to do with it but I sent an email to W. C. Ford and within an hour the dealer called me and stated that the first 24 reengineered (prototype) modules were scheduled to ship out from manufacturing monday and that they will fix my car on tuesday if I can get it to...
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    2004 LS V8 Ultimate, is anyone else having ebrake problems?

    It is under warranty but they have no part to fix it with, it was supposed to be reengineered by the end of the first quarter. I call the dealer and Lincoln customer committment about every other week no good news yet!
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    Ls Owners

    About the LS I have owned the Turbo Coupe, the SHO executive express, a Mustang GT ragtop and many other cars and trucks (to many to count). THIS CAR ROCKS, Its quick, quiet, it handes and brakes with the best of them and the LOOKS. Ours is a Cashmere LS V8 Ultimate, it gets looks and...
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    2004 LS V8 Ultimate, is anyone else having ebrake problems?

    We bought a new LS V8 Ultimate and within 3 miles the electronic ebrake failed, we have had it for over 3 months and they haven't manufactured repair parts, is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Other than that we love the car! :confused:
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    In case anyone forgot where are boys are

    Our son just got home. We thank you and all like you who think of our children. We don't care how anyone thinks of the war but the soldiers need our thoughts and prayers and deserve them too. Hua! doctorj