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  1. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    How to disable the check suspension message

    If you pull the fuse for the air ride, won't that also disable the speed sensitive steering?
  2. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Air Suspension Conversion

    I don't know how everyone falls out on the subject of converting air suspension to conventional suspension on our Navigators, but here's my experience with it. A little over a year ago, the air suspension system on my '99 Navigator failed. On my way to work one day, I noticed that the...
  3. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Lincoln Navigator - Part Out

    I also posted in original thread. Looking at what it'd take to get my hands on the rear plate surround/backup light assembly if it's in good shape.
  4. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Lincoln Navigator - Part Out

    Still got parts? I'm looking at the rear plate surround/backup light assembly...
  5. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII


    And if you go to the link provided, it will activate your protection software (if you have any). What's wrong with people?
  6. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    My First Mark Viii !!!!!!!

    3M sells a headlight restoration kit that looks pretty good. If you go on the Two Guys Garage website, there's a link to the 3M product website. there's a demo video on the whole project from start to finish. By the way, congrats on the Mark. I miss my '97 sometimes (but not in the winter)...
  7. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Just bought a 05 Navi

    Next to black, the silver is the classiest color for the Navi. Yours looks great!
  8. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    My 07 Nav on 24's

    Geez, that's nice!!!
  9. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    here martin, these are for you!

    Man, you've got the interior standin' tall too! The running boards are so much better on your '01 than on my '99. Mine can be kinda dangerous at this time of year if a little ice forms on them 'cause they're so shallow. I also like the cargo pocket just ahead of the jack enclosure on the...
  10. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    thinking of gettin a navi....

    It couldn't be standing any taller...looking REAL good!
  11. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    05 Navi

    Congrats! Looking forward to pix.
  12. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    05 Navi

    Sounds nice...good luck and looking forward to pix!
  13. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    thinking of gettin a navi....

    That is SO CLEAN!!! And 204K miles. The finish looks great. Is it an original Florida 'Gator (no pun intended)? I would guess the interior is equally as clean, no? Ross
  14. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    thinking of gettin a navi....

    No...I have the early 5.4. My truck was built in September of '98, a very early model-year run. Ross
  15. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    odometer problem

    Ever discover what was causing your odometer problem. I just noticed mine flickering, but not going completely off, about a week ago. Mine is also a '99, with about 74k miles.
  16. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    thinking of gettin a navi....

    Bdogg - how are the gas prices down your way?
  17. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    thinking of gettin a navi....

    Not ALL Navis were designed to use 93 octane. The owner's manual for my 1999 states: "Your vehicle is designed to use "Regular" unleaded gasoline with an (R+M)/2 octane rating of 87. We do not recommend the use of gasolines labeled as "Regular" that are sold with octane ratings of 86 or...
  18. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Third Lincoln

    Depending on what size SUV you want and how important gas mileage is, you might as well look at a Navigator for room and comfort. And the way the market is right now, you may be able to pick one up cheap. I really love our Navi, a '99 that we bought just this past January with only 65K miles...
  19. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    What was everyone's first car?

    First Car...a red 1966 Pontiac LeMans 2-door hardtop, ohc 6 with three on the floor. A real runner that I bought with only 47,000 miles in 1975 with $300 that I saved by mowing lawns. The first FLM was a 1979 Mercury Cougar XR7. What a floater, and not too bad on gas with the 351 automatic...
  20. 97 Ivory Pearl VIII

    Latest Purchase, it's not a Lincoln but it is a Limited!

    Your GF should like the Escape. Our daughter has an '03 XLT V6 and she absolutely loves it. Good size, no-fuss 4wd and not too bad on gas. And with the Limited, you've got even more comfort and looks. Good luck with the new Escape!