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  1. SKM

    8.8 Swap kit

    Hey guys I've been working on a DIY mount kit for 8.8 swaps. If anyone is at the point where they are ready to install these I'd be more than happy to send them to you for testing.
  2. SKM

    GM LS Engine Swap Notes & Considerations

    I often get asked a lot of questions such as “what all is required to LS swap my Lincoln?”, or “how much fabrication is involved?”, “how much did it cost?”, “How does it fit?”, and in this post we will try to answer these questions. Before we get to far and the die hard ford fans comment...
  3. SKM

    GM LS Engine Swap Mounts

    Hey I wanted to officially announce and showcase my Lincoln LS GM Engine swap mounts! Lincoln LS Engine Swap Mounts | Stu Kelly Motorsports These mounts will mount any of the following GM engines 4.8, 5.3, 5.7 (LS1), 6.0 (LS2) , 6.2 (LS3), 7.0 (LS7) in a 2001-2006 Lincoln LS. Engine mounts...
  4. SKM

    Aftermarket LS Parts!

    Hey guys you may remember me from the Drift Build Thread and since then I have been hard at work building up equipment for my business and working toward developing an aftermarket for the Lincoln LS Chassis! Below is a list of items I am working on and plan to offer in the next year or so. I...
  5. SKM

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

  6. SKM

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    Yes I had to cut quite a bit.
  7. SKM

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    And this final video is for you guys. Wanted to do some cool roller shots of how the car looks. As well as give a better overview than I can do typing on this forum. Please subscribe!
  8. SKM

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    Now for the event post! I can spoil the ending and say I didn't win the money heh, but, as far as I am concerned with the time I had to prep this car (and my wifes because she competed as well) I personally won, and I am so stoked on how our cars performed. Checkout my full recap video of the...
  9. SKM

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    Well since it has been radio silence for a while I figured it was time for an update on here! In 2021 I got a job offer to be a mechanic for an Indy Lights team, which moved me to North Carolina for the year while my wife held down the shop with our cars for the year. Late 2021 I moved back home...
  10. SKM

    Why is my belt coming off?

    Sorry for bringing this back, @nhtshd88 did you ever find what the issue was? Was it indeed the harmonic balancer? I just replaced my idler pulley and tensioner, and I noticed the belt was riding in the same spot as OP on the idler pulley, on the very edge. Started the car this morning and...
  11. SKM

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

  12. SKM

    Official LS video clip thread!

  13. SKM

    Official LS Picture Thread

  14. SKM

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    The comp event that I did not win was a very fast street event in kentucky, actually wrecked the car in early morning practice, bent my rear toe arm, my knuckle and my rear subframe. Managed to get it fixed enough to qualify on a bad alignment and make it to top 8 where I was knocked out...
  15. SKM

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    Third Third Place- Arguably the best I have driven.
  16. SKM

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    Hey Guys, it has been a while since any updates! Another great year with the LS LS Drove 4 competition events this year and Podiumed on 3. Finished third at those three events. Installed a wings west lip kit, and had some halo lights made (Manual Roman) First Third Place Second Third...
  17. SKM

    LS Engine Swap

    Where did you find this diff yoke?
  18. SKM

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    Was able to qualify first and finish 2nd at the next riverside round! I ended up loosing an oil line and catching on fire for the battle for first, but got some killer footage. Check it out. Go ahead and hit the subscribe button on youtube, full build video incoming. I think this...
  19. SKM

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    Checkout this quick video I made about a 4am drift demo I did. I will be doing a full build video soon so hit that subscribe button!
  20. SKM

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    So I just bought a gopro hero 7 and I am going to start doing some vlogging so subscribe to my youtube! Stu Kelly Motorsports I am going to a local track to do a demo for a local news station and I plan on vlogging most of that!