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  1. Geezer

    Need help with the "SLOWNESS"

    pinging has nothing to do with the cat. It is a timing issue or a compression issue. (carbon build up on the pistons) Are your plugs firing properly?
  2. Geezer

    Help!!! 93 town car at dealer

    I didn't have any trouble reading and understanding it. Never did like English class much.
  3. Geezer

    Remote door opener

    I have a similar problem. When I use my remote to lock the doors it blows the number 30 7.5amp fuse. I have replaced the fuse but it still blows. No pun intended. When that happens my interior lights, door lock switch and seat adjustment does not work. Help an ole geezer out here.
  4. Geezer

    sct tuner is it worth it

    Will they do anything for an 02 TC? I have the MM airbox but have not put it on because I understand the SCT is necessary. Just trying to wake up the TC. Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Geezer

    What tires should i get for my 05 ls???

    I agree with brentalan. I am getting ready to order either the Blizzaks or the new Michelin snows. 4 for winter and 4 for summer always work best. A lesson I learned in Europe.
  6. Geezer

    wheel question...again

    How do I find out what the offset is? Do I want the same offset in the larger wheels?
  7. Geezer

    wheel question...again

    Will these fit an 02 TC? 280C 18X9 CobraR Chrome 4-4.25 /+24MM
  8. Geezer

    car done today

    Sweet ride. What tires do you have?
  9. Geezer

    Tranmission Flush

    Is there any kind of an upgrade/mod that should be done?
  10. Geezer

    *** NEW! *** Billet Polished/PowderCoated COP covers.

    Do you have anything like that for an 02 TC?
  11. Geezer

    Tranmission Flush

    I need to change the trans fluid in my 02 TC. I work for a Ford/subaru dealership and they told me $140 to put in some cleaner then run it for about ten miles and then flush everything. They claim with the cleaner it will clean the filter and make taking off the pan and changing the filter not...
  12. Geezer

    Good Buffer

    Craftsman makes a decent orbital buffer also. The PC7424 seems to b e the car industry benchmark. I got the Craftsman because of price and a gift card.
  13. Geezer


    My gas is free so that is not my concern. I don't want to put in 3.55's and be disappointed when 3.73's are really the way to go. I do not want to replace the driveshaft though.
  14. Geezer

    Foamaster Results, Pics inside (No 56k x 1000)

    First off Don that is why insurance rates go up, you are ripping them off and that is called insurance fraud which equals jail time if caught. all for a paint way. Those foam bottles are great. Want to try some great product look at
  15. Geezer

    First pics on LVC. Go easy on me! (lots of pics)

    When you prep it the final results will always be worth it. Try Zaino.
  16. Geezer

    WTF is this guy thinking!

    I agree with bryan...if this guy wants to advertise his car for 15k that's his business. If we as a Lincoln group want to do some good will we should email him some recommendations. that would be the brotherly thing to do IMHO.
  17. Geezer

    Who's got the fastest 4.6L Town Car?

    Nice work dRock but it is not a TC. You are the bar that I am shooting for on my TC though.
  18. Geezer

    Results of Town Car meeting Zaino

    Wash first, then clay, then wash again then polish. The results when you prep right are phenominal. I like Zaino products. I use their clay. I have seen different grades of clay but would be wary of them because it is telling me that they have grit in them. On a dark car the shine looks...
  19. Geezer

    Results of Town Car meeting Zaino

    I don't really remember. A friend did it, I think 35 but not sure.
  20. Geezer

    Results of Town Car meeting Zaino

    Here are some pics after finishing up with clay and Zaino. Still need to work on the engine compartment more.