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    Lincoln LS McLaren Grille for sale

    Bump Ends today, Sunday August 3. Thanks again for looking.
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    Lincoln LS McLaren Grille for sale

    Thanks Alax7.
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    Lincoln LS McLaren Grille for sale

    Traded my 2004 LS in for a 2014 Jeep Cherokee fully loaded Limited, saved the McLaren grille for sale on eBay. Loved my LS but it was time for a trade, and a new driving experience. This sale is a eBay...
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    2005 Lincoln LS V8 New to Me Dumb Questions

    There will be a yellow high voltage warning sticker on top of the light if they are HID. What trim do you have, wood, painted, aluminum panel above the glove box? Do you have leather wrap steering wheel or wood trim?
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    What holds up the headliner in the rear by 3rd light?

    Exactly how I did mine, and wedged my long reach snow brush between the seat and the headliner to add pressure while the glue dried.
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    Fog light options

    Hyper Yellow Nokya Fog Lights H10.
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    05 Lincoln LS heated/cool seats problem

    More likely a coincidence than putting conditioner on them. Both driver and passenger seats out, check fuses/relay.
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    New 2003 Lincoln LS v8 - moonroof question

    Push in/up the moonroof switch.
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    Suicide LS Idea Scratched

    It does look cool!
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    Trailer Hitch?

    Amazing what you can find using SEARCH.
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    New member, advice needed! engine in cosmetic upgrades!?

    Another option for the air box at no cost other than adding an K&N stock replacement air filter you can find at the top of the page under TECH ARTICLES, go to Lincoln LS and then under Modifying the Lincoln LS Air box for Improved Performance. I have seen the red painted engine cover...
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    Pillar Leak & Regulator Clips

    Do you have a Moon Roof? Common leakage as the drain tubes shrink/rot and disconnect, have to pull down headliner reconnect or add a small section. Do a search.
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    LS Performance Chip?

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    Plastic Seat Back Cover??

    Pull bottom straight out and slide down at top. Bottom has pop in and out fasteners, top are just slide in and out hooks/fasteners.
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    Anyone havea two piece 2nd gen grille? Are there any 2 pieces?

    No such thing as a 2nd gen two piece grille, try a 1st gen, all gen grille fits all gen.
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    coil packs

    Factory extended warranty, 10 years, 100K miles on my 2004.
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    New Mod: Custom Doors

    I prefer suicide doors on the rear for an mod.
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    Auto windshield wipers

    Ended with early build 2004. It was one of those thing some people like them and other don't, my 2004 was one of the last, I like them. * As usual, Joe was posting while I was composing*
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    Bad FM Reception

    Check the connector, driver side under the C plier cover, a known weak point. Rear window metallic tint will reduce reception.
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    Steering wheel change!

    ebay, premium OEM mats with emblem on front mats came in three color's medium gray, dark dark brown, and black. I have the dark dark brown for summer and use the gray for winter. IIRC they ran about $50 shipped for 4 mats. As an example, but only front...