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  1. Lincoln Luebbe

    AT LAST: Pictures of the XF

    Edgar sorry I'm late to the party! That is one sexy cat! I am loving the LED strips in the headlamps. I have yet to see the refreshed 2012+ on the road yet but I love the slight updates. You definitely have one nice successor to the LS! Congratulations!!
  2. Lincoln Luebbe

    Mlara1129's C-List Finds

    FYI those MKX center caps are about 5" in diameter. I have them on my wife's 2008.
  3. Lincoln Luebbe

    05 LS8's car is SOLD!

    Congrats Edgar, I haven't been on here much lately but I am looking foward to the pics and your review of the new Jag!!
  4. Lincoln Luebbe

    Goodies for Sale!!! Tons of Stuff for my old LS!!!

    530is are V6... I was saying the V6 in the BMW is comparable in 0-60 times to the V8 in the LS.
  5. Lincoln Luebbe

    Goodies for Sale!!! Tons of Stuff for my old LS!!!

    0-60 in 6.7 in the 225 HP 530i is pretty comparable to the 0-60 in 6.5 280 HP V8 LS... You really feel that the BMW "lacks punch" with .2 seconds difference, all things considered? Not trying to be a jerk but it would seem that V6 has pretty well the same punch with 2 less cylinders and 55 less...
  6. Lincoln Luebbe

    Since a few of you were buggin' me..

    I was another guy asking him to make this post. Thank you NYC! That is a beautiful car. Love the M5 stuff on it and I am glad you are switching to the dual exhaust set-up. To all who wonder if the BMW handles as good as an LS, read Car & Driver, Road & Track, Automobile etc. BMW is the...
  7. Lincoln Luebbe

    Dealing with my sunroof/A pillar leak for the second time

    Dang, did I miss a thread or something?? I want pics and details!!
  8. Lincoln Luebbe

    Dealing with my sunroof/A pillar leak for the second time

    NYC LS8 when did you get a 5 Series???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!
  9. Lincoln Luebbe

    Possibly My New Jag Wheels

    IIRC some of the XJ models came with 19 x 8.5 all around. It was the XK that had those rims with a 9.5 in the rear. I also considered them at one point in the past 5 years... Hopefully this works out Rollin!
  10. Lincoln Luebbe

    Picture Request
  11. Lincoln Luebbe

    Picture Request

    2nd picture down,
  12. Lincoln Luebbe

    2013 Taurus SHO

    A 12 second daily driver with a tune... 2010 SHO 12's sec. - YouTube
  13. Lincoln Luebbe


    Very nice!
  14. Lincoln Luebbe

    Mini East Coast Meet (Pics)

    Honestly mlara the black/white combo looks really eye catching. I wouldn't change it!
  15. Lincoln Luebbe

    No Go on the National Meet

    My wife and I both have substantial student loans and I know it sucks... But statistically in the long run you will have a higher earning potential than you would have if you hadn't gone. (BTW I am not saying there are not successful people without college educations...) There just isn't a...
  16. Lincoln Luebbe

    "New car hunt" - Visited Mercedes and Jaguar

    Edgar, Awesome to hear you are making that step up to the Jag. I definitely think it is the right choice! Also you are the first person that has given a real impression by actually driving the car. I got to sit in one, but sitting and driving are two totally different things... It's gonna look...
  17. Lincoln Luebbe

    These rims would be bad on an LS...

    If you watch the video closely it looks like the fender behind the front wheel is bent on the LS already...
  18. Lincoln Luebbe

    Blackwood Height Sensor Needed

    Man I think you are the only Blackwood onwer on this site. I love those trucks, they are rare around where I live. Buying from Ford is probably your best bet, try starting a thread with "Help Max part pricing" and explain the part # you need in that thread. Max is a trustworthy vendor on this...
  19. Lincoln Luebbe

    Heat/cooled seat not turning on

    I had the exact problem and it is either an issue with the fan motor or the ducts in the chair getting crushed or coming apart. Providing you can hear the motor start up on the seat fan mechanism, then it is the latter. When they took my seat apart they said the tubing was partially crushed...