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  1. Nick Campagna

    Tire Valves

    Just a short note on Eldorado / Toronado tire valves. The current NAPA called for tire valves do not fit. The ‘book’ calls for a 90-417 aka TR417. In the picture is shown a good valve on the left, and a ‘non-fit’ on the right. Beware of the differences, especially if you purchase off of ebay...
  2. Nick Campagna

    1976 Eldorado side mirrors

    Is there a R & L side mirror similar to the '76 Eldo that is electrically activated instead of with a mechanical cable ? If so I'm in the market for a set. L hand w/outside thermometer strongly preferred, or someone who could do a conversion.
  3. Nick Campagna

    1976 Eldorado Rear Cross Body Rods

    Can anyone identify the GM part numbers on the rods and retainers ? Cross reference to a more modern part ? Thanks
  4. Nick Campagna

    1998 front springs

    Immediate need for the front springs for an air ride model of the 1998 Lincoln Continental. Both springs broke at the same time sitting in my driveway !!??
  5. Nick Campagna

    Traction Control Error

    1998 Continental, 4 cam motor. The car runs for a few (5-20)min,then shuts off with a Traction Control error. Pulled the fuse for the TC, but it doesn't help. A new TC module is $1400 but back ordered at Ford. I need help as to how to take the TC out of the system, and where to jumper what at a...
  6. Nick Campagna

    Front hubs

    Needed: Front hubs and steering knuckles for a 76 Eldorado, both sides contact: Nick Campagna 262-253-0803
  7. Nick Campagna

    What's everyone's MPG?

    Mpg I have a stock 76 Eldorado convertable. All orig, except for a new roller timing chain, 4 deg advanced. 16.2 at 72 mph, 15+ around town.(lots of hills) Not bad for 5400 lbs, and 140,000 miles.
  8. Nick Campagna

    Eldo door hinge

    Does anyone have any info on rebuilding the tension pin, not the hinge pin, on 1976 Eldo door hinges? Drivers door tension pin has a bearing which contacts the door scallops, and it seems to be good-for-schlocken. Thanks, NFC
  9. Nick Campagna

    Engine Additives?

    Go to my notes in the octane booster thread from ~8/9 July. Nick C
  10. Nick Campagna

    Octane Booster

    Gasoline - octane booster Here is some info on home brewed octane boosters ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Homebrew Gasoline Octane Boosters ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Editor's note: I would...
  11. Nick Campagna

    Octane Booster

    Here is the url for the thread on the cowboyseven board with the url Re: Caddycarlo and N2O « Reply #3 on: July 06, 2004, 05:01:31 AM » Quote from: shiftless on July 05, 2004, 11:36:44 PM . I could put a small fuel cell in the trunk with about a 60/40 mixture of premium...
  12. Nick Campagna

    Octane Booster

    From another board, some people use 10% toluene 90% gasoline. I'll look up the Excel spreadsheet and pass it on. Nick C
  13. Nick Campagna

    First Post

    Got two, as soon as I'm a full member, I'll post them. Nick C
  14. Nick Campagna

    First Post

    Hi, my name is Nick, and the car is the Big Green Machine. It is a 76 Eldo droptop. I am in the final stages of restoration. It has polyurethane Firemist green paint, ew top and rear window, 126K miles. The engine is a stock 500 cid Cad. Air still blows cold with R-12,. I am in the process of...