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  1. exile

    The 57' Chevy is going!

    69 vette, right? L88?
  2. exile

    Switching from Lincoln to Cadillac

    The XLR gets its power from a new 320-horsepower 4.6-liter V8 - the same size engine as on the last of the Allante models, but considerably different in execution. It is linked to a five-speed automatic transmission with a manual shift mode. The transmission is mounted back near the rear-wheel...
  3. exile

    Switching from Lincoln to Cadillac

    This one's not bad either
  4. exile

    Need suggestions for detailing

    Meguiar's Gold Class is a good average wax, if you want something to last longer then go to a synthetic wax product like Zaino, Klasse or even Liquid Glass, these will outlast carnauba waxes up to 5 to 1 in how long they will protect. To remove light scratches and swirl marks I would use a...
  5. exile

    A little about myself...

    Welcome to the forum j Lah, love your Fiero GT/N* project. They say that is a great conversion. Good luck in Orlando and keep us up to date on your adventures there............Tom
  6. exile

    no eldorado's?

    Hey MeanGreen....., good to see you here
  7. exile

    I'll christen the forum with a few Fleetwood Pic

    The 94/96 Fleetwood Brougham has the 5.7 Corvette motor. I will have one of these soon. I believe this car is the longest production car ever built in the US but with that strong motor, the thing will fly.
  8. exile

    1993 Lincoln TownCar Project

    Thanks for your opinions on this guys, I'll let you know if I go for it........Tom
  9. exile

    Testing changes - POLL - Need your opinons

    Very good, I like it. I guess you could lump it in "other models" but Cadillac Fleetwoods were a great car(RIP) and might deserve a heading, depending on traffic........Tom This one had a version of the L1 Corvette motor
  10. exile

    1993 Lincoln TownCar Project

    Thanks JA, I'll take that into consideration. I'm really undecided weather I want to project this car. God knows I have enough to do without another car to tinker with. Seems I have an obsession about working on a car project. We'll see and I'll let you know. Thanks again..........Tom
  11. exile

    How to know when you're too old to be a biker chick !!!!!

    I think the old lady's great. Least she's not home in a rocker watchin Days of Our Lives. I say, good for her.
  12. exile

    1993 Lincoln TownCar Project

    OK, I'll try the pic again. Isn't there an "edit" feature here. Anyway, I forgot to ask, if the air suspension blows a fuse every few days, other than a dead short what might it be? And Joey, of course if the motor fell out tomorrow I wouldn't be happy, I wouldn't be happy if it happened with...
  13. exile

    1993 Lincoln TownCar Project

    OK, I posted this in suspension but screwed it up, closed the browser by mistake, so I'm posting here. I'm looking at a 1992 Executive Series TownCar, no rust (needs paint), minor body work needed on a door ($100.), needs tires, excellent interior, 166,000 miles on a 4.6 motor that seems to...
  14. exile

    What is the rarest Muscle Car ever made?

    Like this one?
  15. exile

    Newbie with 96 sts issues

    And #1 just might be an electric fuel pump noise, just guessing here as you say everything else is off. I know I can hear electric fuel pumps in some vehicles when I turn the key. This sound could be "normal".
  16. exile

    One of each

    Thanks guys. I have a 99 Navigator too, but haven't got any pic's in the puter. I'll post those after I wash her up. lol 99 Deville 99 Navagotor 99 F250 Superduty 85 Jeep CJ7
  17. exile

    Newbie with 96 sts issues

    CaddiLvr, the warmer button is the one with the red color, blue is cooler, and ALWAYS use high octane in your Northstar motor! PS: if you push the fob twice for "lock", the horn doesn't sound? and here are the codes:
  18. exile

    One of each

    Hello all. It's always fun to find a new forum. I wish you well. I have been on a good Cadillac site but have never found a good Lincoln forum, so I'm looking forward to helping out when I can and learning from all you good people