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  1. micahs97m8

    For Sale Rear air bags and 1998 midnight black seat skins/bezels

    I thought I had sold it all, but there is still more stuff. I have a set of rear bags and a good compressor that was already boxed up. Asking $75 shipped to the lower 48. Also found a box of seat skins that I bought from race bronco2 a while back. They are in great condition and include...
  2. micahs97m8

    Trading in the Mark VIII for a C5

    Yes it is. lol. The hangar in the background is where the Hindenburg was kept. The car was sitting 50ft from the crash site.
  3. micahs97m8

    Trading in the Mark VIII for a C5

    I've been thinking for a while now that the Mark VIII would be a bad idea to take to England with me. Today I started looking into their worth and noticed how expensive Corvettes are there. Then it hit me: My cousin (who also likes Mark VIII's) is trying to sell his 1999 Corvette. Why not trade...
  4. micahs97m8

    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!! 208,000 low miles and only minor flooded by Sandy for an hour and a half. lol
  5. micahs97m8

    For Sale For sale Magnaflow Muffler with built in x pipe

    ^^^What he said. I could use one for my Mark VIII.
  6. micahs97m8

    Mark with a coyote

    This is on my to-do list.
  7. micahs97m8

    First Pics of our new 22K mile family member!!!!

    What a beautiful gem! I love it when these cars can be saved. :cool: Where can we buy a brand new rear window? All of the glass companies I contacted gave me estimates over $1000 and no one could guarantee they existed.
  8. micahs97m8

    FS: Headlights, tail lights, repair manuals, and more...

    Not really. I think there is a corner tail light.
  9. micahs97m8

    FS: Headlights, tail lights, repair manuals, and more...

    I need to sell some stuff before I move! Time to clean out all my extras. Make offer on some or all. Going cheap!! Check out the pics below: ^^^^The one on the left is sold, the top right is mid sanding project but has good chrome, the clear one has rough chrome and a bulb (untested)...
  10. micahs97m8

    What's it worth? Low mile 94

    Well, I just got back from looking at the car. I really felt sorry for the car. The body was in horrible condition. It looked great in the pics, but in person there are a million scratches on the faded paint. The interior was rough, too. The door panel had screws all over holding it together...
  11. micahs97m8

    Chat night

    I was just informed that today is Tuesday all day. Not Wednesday. No wonder I was all alone in the chat room. :D
  12. micahs97m8

    What's it worth? Low mile 94

    Is that repairable or do i need to swap compressors? If it needs swapped, that will go to the next person. I am down to a couple months before the big move.
  13. micahs97m8

    What's it worth? Low mile 94

    I'll be going to look at it on Thursday afternoon. I am told there is no rust and the first 40k were put on it by an older couple who kept it in their garage.
  14. micahs97m8

    What's it worth? Low mile 94

    I have several pics. The body is really clean except for the aforementioned issues. The car is sitting high right now. I'll have to do a search on how to fix that. It currently has 48,974 miles on it. The interior is in good shape, too.
  15. micahs97m8

    Chat night

    Java's not so bad. Get in here. :D
  16. micahs97m8

    What's it worth? Low mile 94

    I talked to the guy this afternoon. He says the air ride pumps up but doesn't release. It stays all the way pumped up and ruins the air ride. The only other issues are a dented fender, cracked grille, and faulty keyless entry. I think I'm going to check it out. It is a good bit less than this...
  17. micahs97m8

    What's it worth? Low mile 94

    I have the chance to pick up a champagne/black 94 with 49k miles on it. It has a few dings and air ride issues, but I plan to list it on eBay. It is strictly a flip car. What do you think it would sell for?
  18. micahs97m8

    Carlisle 2013

    I'll be there as long as the body shop has my car done. They are cutting it close but it is supposed to be done thursday afternoon......:eek:
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    I can't wait to see your car in person, Schaefft. :cool:
  20. micahs97m8

    Need advice on OEM tire replacement

    Why not put more meat on the back? 255's will fit the factory rim. And it looks so damn sexy. :cool: