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  1. MooJohn

    Continental Instrument Cluster Went Dark

    Whole clusters are for sale cheap on ebay. It'll make your odometer reading wrong but it's far easier than juggling something else. Just be sure you get one that matches your car -- console-shift cars have a different PRNDLE section that column-shift cars!
  2. MooJohn

    Might Be For Sale!

    Not sure yet. If/when it is, I'll put it in the classifieds section. A few weeks ago I noticed a noise during deceleration that sounds like a whine, like a bad differential. It goes away under even the slightest of acceleration though. I'm going to let the mechanic go over it to see...
  3. MooJohn

    My 99 Conti

    Buy used coils from outside the rust belt. Springs are a lifetime part down here and in the west. I can only imagine what the rest of your undercarriage must look like though -- salt sucks!
  4. MooJohn

    200 continental no start

    There's no real way to test the fuel pump control module either. It's mounted to the back of the rear seat. I have no idea what they cost or where to grab one though. OTOH, there's a 2000 Conti (same color as mine) with 50k miles on my local Craigslist asking $4500...
  5. MooJohn

    200 continental no start

    I'm not sure if there's a way to test it. It should cost under $20 and it's held in with one bolt so it's worth doing just to see. It's behind the passenger front tire and can be reached without lifting the car off the ground.
  6. MooJohn

    200 continental no start

    The computer won't trigger the fuel pump if it isn't getting a signal from the crank sensor. It's a cheap part (available at AutoZone) and easy to swap out. It's a simple magnetic sensor so there's no benefit in paying more for a factory part.
  7. MooJohn

    1993 lincoln continental signature series with bad brake lines

    Executive and Signature were just trim levels so other than some interior features they are identical. Brake lines may not be a good place to start for a DIY job if you're not experienced. It's literally your life in your hands! See if there are videos involving the same generation Taurus -...
  8. MooJohn

    Just Purchased 98 Continental- Please Help

    Admirable that you're helping but this thread was from 5 years ago :D I'll answer some of the easy ones for people who find this thread in a search later on... The keyless entry code is printed on the door lock module inside the driver's door panel. Ford products used to have a sticker...
  9. MooJohn

    2002 Continental transmission and other questions

    The torque converter I went with is a Luk, as recommended by the guy who rebuilt my transmission. A used Superchips 1725 will do all the shift tuning you'd want using simple yes/no and arrow buttons. They're going for $120-150 on ebay right now - glad I got mine for $99 new in box a few years...
  10. MooJohn

    2002 Continental transmission and other questions

    Yes - they added a large-ish transmission cooler in 1998 (or was that 1999?). It goes a long way toward transmission reliability. I'm a believer in regular fluid replacements in Ford transmissions. It can only help. I put new brakes (AutoZone's best) on my car when I got it 3 years ago and...
  11. MooJohn

    Which Coolant Type?

    I also use green premix. People always laugh at me paying for "50% water" but it's far better than using a garden hose and we all know I'm not going to buy gallons of distilled water for the car. It's far easier and quicker to just buy premix and get it perfect the first time.
  12. MooJohn

    What to look for when buying used 2001 Continental

    What do you want out of the car? There are cheaper A-B cars out there. There are better $1800 cars out there if you're not looking for a comfy cruiser with plenty of reserve power. Go with a Grand Marquis for much of the same experience without the FWD transmission and premium fuel...
  13. MooJohn

    Serpentine tensioner pointers

    I knew that with the job difficulty I only wanted to do it once so I replaced the belt, tensioner, and idler pulley at the same time. Noise can be from one idler or the other but you might as well do it all so you're set for another 10 years. Dunno why it's not in my original post but I used a...
  14. MooJohn

    Painted my wheels same color as my car.

    It's in one of the pics - 255/30/22 You probably won't get an answer from any other poster in this thread as I haven't seen any of the post during my time here. The OP hasn't logged in for 4 1/2 years.
  15. MooJohn

    HID projector retrofit

    At one point you could get them from ONEBADMK8 here on the forum but he may not have them in stock anymore.
  16. MooJohn

    Wheel Fitment For Continental - - - What Will Work

    As far as OEM wheels go, this list is copied from another thread around here somewhere: Ford Escape___2013-2014 Focus___2012-2013 Fusion___2013-2014 Taurus___1986-2007 Thunderbird___1989-1997 Thunderbird___2002-2006 Transit Connect___2010-2013 Windstar ___1995-2003 Lincoln...
  17. MooJohn

    Need help with Aftermarket Radio Harness, Double Din

    That looks great! What a huge PITA it is for cars with the radio's "brain" in the trunk though. I clipped the hands-free microphone to the top of the driver's side A pillar trim. The wire will reach and it works great; people say they can't tell they're on speakerphone most of the time...
  18. MooJohn

    2001 Continental AC not working

    You'll need to track it down with one of those leak detector dye kits. It's the only sure way of finding the spot or spots it's leaking.
  19. MooJohn

    Need help with Aftermarket Radio Harness, Double Din

    In my experience with Ford premium audio systems, you feed the new radio's speaker outputs into the factory amp's inputs. I looked up a 96 Continental on Metra's website and came up with this: This kit looks to do the same with RCA level outputs but...
  20. MooJohn

    I have fixed my car up...some tips

    Noooo! You can't give up on it now! :D I just had my front end redone - all new ball joints, tie rod ends, and sway bar end links. It rides like a new car. I'm glad I spent the money even though I know I couldn't get $3k if I sold it. That's silly, btw, for a very clean sub-100k-mile car...