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  1. vr4

    Sup y'all!

    im a bit surprised this place is still around.
  2. vr4

    Mark VIII Spark Plug Repair

    Nearly every one I've come across had a smashed gap from being pounded up and down from least when the plug is still there. Fwiw i use the denlor tools inserts. Haven't done a dohc yet though.
  3. vr4

    95 LSC Parting out

    Sold. Paypal? Pics on the chip?
  4. vr4

    95 LSC Parting out

    Ah. No title. In that case part away. Good luck.
  5. vr4

    Very Nice Gen 1 LSC for Sale

    I have a center cap ill sell. 3100 comes attached to the car.
  6. vr4

    Thinking about a Trailblazer SS??

    have one on the lift right now with a completely destroyed front diff.
  7. vr4

    thinking about doing the jmod.. couple questions

    Of course aftermarket sources are going to be cheaper. At the time i was on Maui and dealer was cheaper.
  8. vr4

    95 transmission

    Parting a 95 lsc over blown head gaskets? I'll pass.
  9. vr4

    95 transmission

  10. vr4

    thinking about doing the jmod.. couple questions Last post is my parts list. Probably closer to 100 in parts non employee prices
  11. vr4

    thinking about doing the jmod.. couple questions

    this shouldnt even be a question. do it. when i did mine i also upgraded the pistons to the new ones. the springs wernt broken but i changed them out anyways
  12. vr4

    Anyone replaced head gaskets?

    depends on the yard/person. pick n pull here lists with accessories and that is considered alt, ac, wp, etc. the core is 50 instead of 30
  13. vr4

    Burst Panel

    Tis but a small leak.
  14. vr4

    93 Mark VIII VS. 04 350Z?

    twin turbo wrx sti? thats a rare beast right there. ive never even seen one and i see a lot of cars. FWIW ive walked an early auto 350Z and surprised the hell out of a revup 350Z at the track.
  15. vr4

    This TARD needs to make up his mind...

    3rd ad deleted
  16. vr4

    Just digging this $700 Gen 1 out of the wheel thread

    i have that interior :( and i could use the column plastics
  17. vr4

    aftermarket alarm removel wont start

    Yup. Someone bypassed the pats so they wouldn't have to program keys or so they could have remote start.
  18. vr4

    Pretty cool phone call

    Yup. Been to Oregon, California, Washington, and Hawaii on my watch. Well driven to Oregon and Cali.
  19. vr4

    Pretty cool phone call

    Nice story. wonder if he wants to see it now. Mine isn't near as good. Bought from the original owners daughter after he passed away. original Arizona car shipped to Maui in 98 with 8k miles.
  20. vr4

    My project for today (COBRA)

    I can't. Mine is a convertible. :(