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    the what happend to...

    This board's changed. It was inevitable with time. I rembember guys tallying up over 50 thousand dollars in their marks, not even supercharged. Who's here now that can say that? Cars are old, and alot of the enthusiasts frequenting here have their mark because they were cheap to acquire. I...
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    problem with heat turning on and off

    I'll third that exact thing. Anytime you have the fan on high it gets hot. I had to replace my motor too the f'g thing pulled out of the motor when I tried crimping the pigtail connector with a pliers. Jamie set me up reasonable and very quickly with a used motor and plug. I suggest going that...
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    can you tell what kind of car this is?

    that concept is very nice. However those rocker panels absolutely suck.
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    General tire is teh suck.

    Me too, even at first, and I made the mistake of reading user ratings on the tire I wanted non specific to size. Same tires in different sizes really wear different. Have to read user ratings from guys with like weight and same exact tire size to really get a good read. I always look at the...
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    How to disable check air susp. message after spring conversion?

    I'd like to know how to switch out to front coils only, leave the rear bagged, and not get a check air ride message. I will probably just go aftermarket air, but wouldn't mind maybe just going coils.
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    I just cant win. Im so pissed. Someone needs to die.

    I think they might look pretty good if you use the one pictured to the left for the right side and vise verse.
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    I just cant win. Im so pissed. Someone needs to die.

    Wow. My thought is there might be further damage after the cover's peeled off, they're going to have to wait until the body shop takes the car apart for a real estimate. If anything's buckled it's definately totaled (of course) I'm sorry to read this Bill.
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    Painters, Detailers, Body guys, KK. I need paint advise for the chameleon

    If they can guarantee it perfect I say let 'em have it haha, get it in writing! And get a complete paint job. So long as it's a tri-coat paint. They'll never get any of it to match. And if it is a tri-coat paint then yeah.. you won't be able to get that touch up to match very well. Maybe so...
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    ok here are the pics i took.

    Black is absolutely the easiest color to match. You must mean if you don't have a paint code.. and you're trying to match 'black paint' but in all honesty, there is only 1 black, and ford just happened to use it for these lincolns. You're right Jamie, that door's been re-shot, even though it's...
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    ok here are the pics i took.

    That looks awesome for factory paint Jamie!! He did a good job.., your car is prrrrrrrrretty sexy!
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    Radar/Lazer Detectors

    I'll try to keep this short. I've run the 8500 for a long time, and if you use it as a radar detector like it's suppose to be used it's a great tool. No radar/laser detector will make you invincible, of course.. I have run a brand new V1 RIGHT ALONG SIDE the 8500 for a 1000+ mile trip...
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    BADASS Mark VIII in Portland OR - $1750 OBO!

    Oh I don't know, I wouldn't say it's a steal. But it's priced fair.
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    Smoothing the trunk hump

    Not a bad idea.
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    Why you rarely see a porsche in rough shape

    Probably because they're nice until they look like this eh.. Two guys died in this one. Sad story.
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    OK, where do I get this hood and bumper?

    .....No, .. forget about it. Shaving the car, not adding to it!
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    Smoothing the trunk hump

    I don't know, I might have to eat my words (kind of) and say, that doesn't look bad. For the Gen 2. The hump is traditional, and says ''hey everybody, this car is definately a lincoln" .. but, doesn't look bad without it, ... my opinion. Again (gen 2) -that would never fly on a gen 1, the...
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    Gen 2 Cobra R Hood

    No, I don't have to, you just have to see any picture. I never said there were mudded areas? I said it looks like a cowl was mudded on. Yeah those lines, are what I'm talking about, they look like the bottom of a mold that should have been cut off prior to the cowl being molded in...
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    2nd gen convertible-has it been done?

    Holy, that's just f'd up KK. Haah
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    Official Stack Murder Mark Progress Thread!!!

    I actually did realize this after I was far away from the computer.. I was like ''door poppers.. selenoids.. I worded that wrong!'', but when I did write it, yes I was confusing the two. And thanks for the explanation/your input, I appreciate it.