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  1. ToddnMiss

    Oldie but a goodie.........

    I heard we're not supposed to do a MAF on a G2 Mark VIII even with a chip (Reinhart had quoted me this on the phone when I was trying to buy one from him). As for the Crank Pulley - do you know where I can find one that will work with a G2 Mark VIII (I think there's something in the way on the...
  2. ToddnMiss

    Testing changes - POLL - Need your opinons

    Ah, Post Reply works much better (Thanks!). I'll let you know as I think of more improvements, I know this is a format in flux and expect we'll only get better/stronger. Thank you! :V
  3. ToddnMiss

    Testing changes - POLL - Need your opinons

    a suggestion Looks Great - thank you for the wonderful site. Questions, comments and suggestions: * Does it have to quote the previous post when you hit "reply?" I usually delete the quote to avoid duplication of the prior posts (I note others doing this and when there's pictures it...
  4. 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

    1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

    Bought in late March 2004 with 46,912 miles from original owner. Cosmetic Mods: Sensor Lowered 1" front & rear Mild tint on rear 3-windows Gold Emblems on Wheels, Front and Rear Gold "Mark VIII 32v. . ." and "LSC" badges Performance Mods: "J-Mod" to...
  5. ToddnMiss

    Everyones Favorite Lincoln and Cadillac.

    My Favorites . . My favorites follow: Lincoln: Gen 2 Mark VIII LSC's Cadillac: Eldorado ETC (whatever style the 1998's are) I really love the Lincoln Mark VIII's . . . I had my choice for just about any car I wanted (okay, trying to keep it under $30k) and I chose to buy a used...
  6. ToddnMiss

    Hello to all (and Happy Easter)

    Thanks everyone - Glad to be here. Life's a bit hectic now (buying/selling a home) but I'll be providing much information soon. Craig . . . . . I know you, you're going to have to spot me 1500 posts to make it a race So . . . spot me 1500 posts and we're :F "set for the duel!"
  7. ToddnMiss

    Hello to all (and Happy Easter)

    Yet another great site to cater to that car-enthusiast in all of us (you gotta love that!). I'm glad to be a member here and hope to contribute where I can. Happy Easter to all at :V !
  8. ToddnMiss

    Black Ice LSC saying Hi to all!

    Hookers? I thought that Headman made better headers than hooker did (laughter). Welcome Ice!