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  1. medphys

    I need one of these........17C830

    I backed up carelessly and heard the crunch, as I was at a hospital, I immediately diagnosed it to be this piece of moulding on the left rear bumper cover. Ill have to paint it unless it is already. Light French Silk Clearcote is what my LS is, (I believe)
  2. medphys

    Rain water leak inside front door pockets

    I had that happen previously on my 06. we unstopped the tube and it never filled the pockets again. Then , one day when I opened my passenger door, water would leak and drip out of the bottom door panel onto the driveway. When I took it to my mechanic to do the throttle body and some coils, he...
  3. medphys

    Installed new Throttle Body and 4 coils...

    After getting my $400 (friend of the Dealer) discount I forked out $650 for a new Motorcraft Throttle Body and $200 to Rock for 4 coils. They were installed and then I tried to create the re learning process. I thought I'd have to go to the dealership and have them hook up their scanner to re...
  4. medphys

    P2104, 2011, 2012

    I have a second gen ‘06. bday today and greeted with fail safe mode and these codes: P2104, P2111, P2112. Changed a single coil two weeks ago, was running smoothly otherwise. I have more coils but is this a throttle body issue? Thanks
  5. medphys


    If you order through the dealership, they shouldn't be charging you shipping , right ? (Of course, I grew up with Ronnie Lamarque). Mine came from Houston, I believe.
  6. medphys


    I bought a new front bumper cover a few weeks ago for my '06 Sport, from Motorcraft through my dealer. It was about $450 and I was charged $350 to paint and install it (G3). The rear is probably cheaper, I hope for you. Perhaps the actual bumper, under the cover may be compromised as well.
  7. medphys

    Bulb question

    Ok I ordered the new LED's and they arrived today. I installed two and they don't light up. So, I'm figuring that your trace problem or a simple fuse? Can you tell me which fuse it is and if its location? if that doesn't work, Ill have to remove the lens again and find the trace....I guess. Any...
  8. medphys

    Bulb question

  9. medphys

    Bulb question

    The vanity mirror in my 2006 Sport has a small light that is dimmable from off to high, and built into the visor. I need to change out the burned out bulb but the lens isn't easily removable and the parts guy at my dealership says I have to change out the whole visor, which is like $200. I...
  10. medphys

    2004 Sport for sale.

    How much for rims? Same as in pic ?
  11. medphys

    Headlamp assembly overhaul

    Nice, 112. I like it. I'll try it soon and let you know how mine came out. Thanks again.
  12. medphys

    Headlamp assembly overhaul

    Did they change the rubber as well as sanding and putting clear on the lenses? You mean Sam's Club ? Is that a shop in Gulfport ? Thanks
  13. medphys

    Headlamp assembly overhaul

    I have an '06 and the lamps are working fine, but I've noticed the rubber surrounding the assembly is not as firm and secure as new, and of course the lenses are not clear anymore. Rock doesn't even have any full assemblies available so I was wondering if any of you fanatics have done a...
  14. medphys

    Parts suggestions

    Sorry, Just noticed you said body parts
  15. medphys

    Parts suggestions

    I use RockAuto pretty much every month. I've purchased an A/C compressor and condensor, radiator, alternator, window regulator, dccv valve, rotors and pads, stabilizer bar links, degas bottle and plastic parts and probably some others I can't remember at the moment. I always use Motorcraft...
  16. medphys

    Sway bar.

    I need new sway bar links. Rock only lists front and not L and R. Are they interchangable from L to R ?
  17. medphys

    Semi-Solved: Flashing AT light, no code - now B1869/P1000?

    Regarding Forscan, where did you get your interface cable? Is it the ELM27 that they sell on Amazon, or is that a bad China clone. I've already downloaded the program to my lap top and don't want to use the bluetooth, Thanks.
  18. medphys

    Need '06 LS 3.9 Timing chain cover

    Thanks, RigsLS. The new one is on its way. Im hoping that , in this case, I wont have the dowels to deal with since I did not see them in the pics that were sent. The mech tried the ping and pliers method on the 1st one. The soak and heat didn't dawn on him until after the cracking of the cover...
  19. medphys

    Sold Parting out 2006 LS with bad engine

    Josh, Get back to me asap ,I may need that part after all. In other words, Ill buy the part for the same price I paid for the other one. $50 and pay for the shipping. Please call me when you get this , Thanks
  20. medphys

    Need '06 LS 3.9 Timing chain cover

    Well, Expletive, The mechanic just called and told me bad news. It seem that there are two dowels that insert between the Engine front cover and the block. When he removed the cracked one, the dowels stayed in the block holes. He had a bad experience trying to get similar out on a previous job...