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    Gen I projector install

    Yes you can fit those with a lot less work.
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    Gen I projector install

    I used two different kinds. The smaller ones are called matchbox on morimoto's website and the larger ones are their mini h1 style projectors. The larger one will require much more modification.
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    For Sale 2003 Super Town Car--Cobra Powered

    Just curious where are the side mirrors?
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    A few Headlight Questions

    At almost $300 it seems a lot to experiment with. I have never tried LED but if they truly are brighter and you adjust how deep they sit into the headlight so it reflects at the right spot I could see those working. But LED, HID or anything won't really help if the chrome is gone. Your best and...
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    For Sale Mark Viii koni yellow adjustable read shocks. IMRC delete plates

    Would you take one undocumented kidney for the front koni shocks? :D
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    Newer Gen 2 Owner With a Few Odd Issues

    Yes p1000 is standard. I would make sure your vclm isn't going bad. On my gen 1 my module (controls both the fan and fuel pump) started going bad. It would in the morning ,when leaving my drive way making a right turn to get on the road, would die for a second and come back on. The acceleration...
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    WTB Front Pass Seat Belt Buckle

    Make sure you list which car you're trying to look for and color.
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    Traction control not working

    Or your rear brakes are so weak it's not actually able to stop it from spinning? Could be old brakes, frozen rear calipers or air in the lines... etc
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    For Sale 96 Black on Black Part Out

    I do have a a-pillar but the 98 used a different black color than the 93-97 so you might not want the one from this car even though it's from a 97 black interior. To others; PM sent
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    For Sale 96 Black on Black Part Out

    The car is going monday or tuesday. If you can plan something out by then they are yours. Otherwise I will only have the front pair and the rears will be going with the car. Sorry man I would try to hold it but we are already running on spared time with this thing and it has to go asap.
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    For Sale 96 Black on Black Part Out

    I was trying to look for some old springs or air bags to place for the springs and can't find them. If you have old springs that i can place in so the tow truck can take it away you're welcome to take all four springs for free if you can drive up here. I want to keep the shocks for right now...
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    For Sale 96 Black on Black Part Out

    Most of the stuff is already removed or sold but i'll offer up the last of the things left for cheap. Car is going to the yard in about a week. Some parts are removed but still in the car. Car does have a tokico set of springs and shocks and drilled/slotted rotors. If you have any questions...
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    Removing/Installing Door Handles

    Great way I've found is get one of those paint can lid removers since the have a curved L at the end. Use that to pull straight towards the door hinges.
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    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!
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    Shopping for a replacement Mark VIII

    Yes if the abs system isn't working the traction control also shuts off.
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    A new thought So what do we do here? My opinion is hell legalize it if people consent. They are in it together and involving no one else but them 3. Oh and btw cammer you're on my ignore list so don't bother responding as i...
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    A new thought

    Dragon man it's not worth it trust me. Some people will always have a reason to say you're wrong and refer you to something instead of giving you hard facts and taking responsibility for those opinions. Dont bother the polar bear, let him hibernate as for if he is hibernating he will have no one...
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    Gen I projector install

    Had some issues with the video since I don't know what settings I used for the video previously so I voided that and used pictures. Here is my 98 mark viii with stock headlights (Clear and clean headlights), the 1.8" projector and 2.5" projector all using the same settings. ISO 6400, exposure...
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    Gen I projector install

    This is a nice comparison of the high beam output verse the projectors (2.5"). I have everything wired up for the night drive now. One of the high beam reflector is good while the other one is bad and this is what's common with the gen 1 unfortunately. EDIT: I really need to wash my cars lol...
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    Gen I projector install

    I don't want to set anything in stone since I don't even know if I can make something that i would be comfortable making for you all but for future reference what type of setup would you all like to see? 2.5 inch projectors? 2.0? Halogen high beam or projectors? ETC since there can be many...