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    For Sale 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII Collector's Edition - 4,200 miles!

    Selling price, no best offer please
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    Air ride on and off

    Hi, I am getting to that point. I too am a purist/ Thanks for the friendly help
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    Rear Won't Inflate - New Bags

    Coil swap is more time and money than replacing a new sensor. Replace sensor, it can cure your problem. Other choice is 2nd to replace the air with coil
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    Looking for some help/tips/thoughts selling a 96 Lincoln Mark VIII 58k miles...

    An offer of 4to4500 would be a fair price to accept. so ask 4700. I own a mark 8 96 and paid 2800 but have put over 1000 in it so I would buy one at 4000 with needing nothing. My car neede imrc's/
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    Air ride on and off

    Thanks again, I have parked the m 8 untill I can get time to look it over. With no air compressor, is there a way to inflate the with and air hose so I can see leaks?
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    Air ride on and off

    "--Thanks for the help. Today my air ride as it has been slowly dieing went out all the way. The compressor will not come on anymore. The car is riding on its compressed air bags and or air struts. It rides like a truck and I dare not do more than 20 mph as every bump shakes our entire bodies...
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    Air ride on and off

    " Wondering if you ever re built the front end steering , ball joint, tie rods, the entire mark front end. I have a lot of experience but never tore down a front end. I planed to put a moog front end kit for 340.00 and I have my own well equiped garage and a good mechanic friend who could guide...
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    Air ride on and off

    Thanks, so cold here like there, need to get on friends lift
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    Lets talk about balljoints

    "I am putting entire new moog parts ,ties, balls, arms, the works in a kit from moog for 337.00 parts. I will install them in my own garage. Professional 4 wheel alignment U tube has excellent instruactions as well as lincoln vs cad on how to do this job"
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    Air ride on and off

    thank you
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    Intermittent Coolant Leak

    How about you replying to me as an example of where is the place to reply ?
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    Update: Head gasket/timing chain job under way

    Chime in here about new head bolts to re use or not re use. My father owned a machine shop so I learned about bolts when we rebuilt machinery. When a bold is new and torqued for the first time , the stretching of the threads due to new torque is acceptable as the bolt was manufactured to accept...
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    Dreaded Gear Display Error

    PO 7O5 can be indication of a worn neutral safety switch
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    Shop wants to rebuild my 5R55N -- thoughts?

    If the shop guarantes the tranny in writing"this tranny is guaranted for 1 year from this date of this invoice aginst defects bla bla"I would with reservations trust the 1500.. price. I would insist on an item by item broken down that way . No rebuild transmission 1500.00 bill.
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    Hi everybody!

    What drivability problem it?
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    Shop wants to rebuild my 5R55N -- thoughts?

    Go to Gettysburg Transmission for a 2nd opinion