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    Need some contact info for hub redrilling.

    The reason they will not work is because the big hole in the middle of the rotor that fits over the hub is smaller on the mark hub. So the rotor will not fit on a cobra hub.
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    This should shock some people lol

    It begins... Sup, mang?
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    1995 Indigo Lights/Black LSC Progress

    What happened to this thing?
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    Geeze! Any damage to the valves?
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    Selling my 1994 markviii. it was modified by dieseldan asking $3000

    I don't get on here much, bummed to see you are selling it. That's was an awesome car. I get lots of people ask why I sold it.
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    (Help)Removing Seats From JY Car

    I disassembled the seats starting with the bottom cushion, then I was able to just unbolt them. I have also powered them using a drill battery and 2 jumper wires.
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    Best Paint For Dash?

    I used the dye only. And I just cleaned the dash with a bit of brake cleaner misted on a rag. It never ever once chipped the whole time I had the car.
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    Best Paint For Dash?
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    Can't win today - TransmissionS

    Yep, you are definitely doing this the hard way.
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    Can't win today - TransmissionS

    Your biggest concern before you do anything else, especially since you are installing it into a gen 1 is if it has any teeth for the speedo gear. I think 2000+ had 1 extra tooth, so you will need a different speedo gear. I had 3:73s when I installed my 2001 trans and there is no gear that will...
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    Car won't start, actual diagnosing has been performed.

    I'd offer some advice, but it sounds like you have hit pretty much everything I was thinking about... What I can contribute, if you want it is I have the whole 1994 ford EVTM for the MARK in PDF form if you want it.
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    The rise of the Gray Ghost...

    Looking awesome man, that all looks very familiar :D
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    For Sale LSC Door moldings - $75

    Humm, I'll have to recheck that... I bought these just never installed them, so I'm not positive.
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    03 Cobra Exhaust Manifold Steering Mods V2.0 Thanks M_Maker!!

    When I built my set up, I took a shaft from a car in the junk yard. I grabbed the factory black sleeve and the part that attaches to the steering column inside the car. I disassembled the shaft. When you slide the metal tube down the shaft, it will stop when it hits a metal spring tab. You...
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    For Sale LSC Door moldings - $75

    Selling a set of LSC door moldings. $75 Shipped
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    help 40amp fuses keeps blowing out for electrical fan

    A month or so before I sold the car, I had to replace the VCRM because the fan and a/c compressor wouldn't fire up.
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    help 40amp fuses keeps blowing out for electrical fan

    My Great 8, this is the owner of my old car. I am curious if the fan motor is shot and its drawing too much amperage. If you need to, unless you have another means to get it repaired, you could swing by here and throw me a couple bucks to swap it out for you.
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    what cheap mod to do next.?

    Cobra exhaust manifolds and a dyno tune.