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  1. 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII

    1995 Lincoln Mark VIII

  2. {L}Dirty{S}Harry{C}

    Gen 1 Headlight Project w/ HID install

    Great Job! Ill keep this in mind for if my plan with some old navigator HID's doesnt work. If It does ill take pics of the whole process and be sure to post.
  3. {L}Dirty{S}Harry{C}

    Wtb: Mark Viii Body Kit

    Well, i never found one for my VII, but now im upgrading to the mark VIII :D :D and REALLY want a body kit for it. so if ANYONE knows where to go to get one or has a good condition one that they prefer cash to it... I WANT!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!
  4. {L}Dirty{S}Harry{C}

    2000 Lincoln LS Sport 5 spd. for sale

    Can I get a Picture please? if you dont want to post it, you can email it to me at thanks much
  5. {L}Dirty{S}Harry{C}

    WTB: Mark VII center console

    Hi, i need to get a new Center for my mark VII. Id actually like to get one off a 90-92, with the recessed part. Id also need all the other matching pieces for the front. Otherwise if you have one out of an '88 along with driver door piece thatd be great. Any pieces need to be perfect or near...
  6. {L}Dirty{S}Harry{C}

    Mark VII rat rod

    ... its badass, yet straight up BAD at the same time. with those mods, 12.2 1/4 mile my ass... and top speed 140 my ass.. mines bone stock and I got it up to 150.
  7. {L}Dirty{S}Harry{C}

    90 LSC SE parts

    How about the Mirrors/back window trim? good condition?
  8. {L}Dirty{S}Harry{C}

    WANTED: Lincoln Mark VII Ground Effects Kit

    Hello all, Still looking for a ground effects body kit for the mark VII. if you have one or know someone who does and want to sell, i want one, very badly. please in good condition though. thanks. ~Harry
  9. {L}Dirty{S}Harry{C}

    1994 Black Lincoln Mark VIII Parting Out!!!

    Motor and/or transmission for sale? whats the mileage?
  10. {L}Dirty{S}Harry{C}

    '98 LSC CE 79K Mint + FREE '94 Mark VIII

    hate to be asking, but, would you be willing to part with the wood shift knob on the colectors edition? i want to get my dad one for his LSC for his b-day/ christmas. thank you.
  11. {L}Dirty{S}Harry{C}

    90 LSC SE parts

    Hey there. Happen to have a remote garage door opener or the LSC spec. ed. badges? how about the gauge cluster, and if so how many miles are clocked on it, if it works. thank ya.
  12. {L}Dirty{S}Harry{C}

    Wanted: Mark Vii Body Kit

    Hi, I'm desperately wanting one of those elusive body kits for a mark 7. if you have an unpainted one sitting around, or even used but still in close to perfect shape.... PLEASE reply. Many thanks ~ Harry :D
  13. {L}Dirty{S}Harry{C}

    LS8 vs. Honda Prelude

    Even better is when you take them in a 20 year old boat.
  14. {L}Dirty{S}Harry{C}

    speedometer conversion....

    Ok, thanks a lot for the help. and by the way JoshMcMadMac, im loving the way your 7 looks, real bad-ass.
  15. {L}Dirty{S}Harry{C}

    speedometer conversion....

    okay, the speedo on my `88 only goes up to 90, so i was wondering if i bought a speedo from like a `90 or so (up to 120) if i could just bolt that in place and have it be accurate to regular speed and still go up to 120 or if i might as well just buy and aftermarket speedo and redo the whole...