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  1. How To Replace the Lincoln Mark VIII Brake Pads and Rotors

    How To Replace the Lincoln Mark VIII Brake Pads and Rotors

    By: Joeychgo & Jibit Visit the Lincoln Mark VIII Forum for more help Replacing the front brake pads and rotors on a first generation Lincoln Mark VIII is so easy, it should be criminal allowing a dealer to do it for you. This is something that anyone can do. It takes about an hour to do both...
  2. Jibit

    trip to junkyard......Q on conti 4.6

    they are, the same as the cobra's
  3. Jibit

    Am I Smoking Crack?!

    toke, toke, pass! The problem is your are screwing up the rotation. Most groups would put the beat down on you for that, but since you're a fellow member we'll let it go :shifty:
  4. Jibit

    New High-Performance tire tread...

    I had some like that! Just got rid of them. Actually drove with them through the winter! Nittos really hold up well. I was lucky we didn't get much snow that year.
  5. Jibit

    Yamaha R1 Custom Show bike - Ebay

    wrong time to be selling a bike, wait until spring!
  6. Jibit

    How do you get gas out of a totaled 99 Nav tank??

    they sell kits cheat to siphon gas (or other liquids), basically a hand gun with a hose, you squeeze the gun and starts building up pressure and slowly sucks the gas up, eventually you cat get it flowing, unfortunately the plastic hoses are small and it may take a while to do it completely.
  7. Jibit

    Speed Signal & Reverse Wire

    doesn't matter,they both use the same wires from the car
  8. Jibit

    Speed Signal & Reverse Wire

    do a search (where is Frogman when you need him!) its been coverd somewhere, or you can wait for me to go home and look it up on my CD. I'm sure someone around here has it handy though.
  9. Jibit

    Geezers at the Grove 2007

    Geno, I would have appreciated more shots of the girl with the black top and beige shorts! :p Damn! Gorgeous legs and ass!!! :cool:
  10. Jibit

    Few More Goodies to be Installed & a Surprise on the Way.

    they have some great products! personally I like them. They're coming out with somre really cool stuff that makes it easier to mount them in places!
  11. Jibit

    Is 10w 30 in my Mark going to be a problem?

    I think they only recommended the switch for gas mileage :rolleyes:
  12. Jibit

    regarding Lincoln Mark VIIIs

    LOL!!! I've got to use that sometime! Btw, I'm around 5'9" and 260 and no problems here either!
  13. Jibit

    Question about 98 doghouse

    actually I think the lines on the doors are slightly off but I'm sure you would have to swap the whole front clip (bumper,hood, fenders)
  14. Jibit

    Shock mount help

    You probably missed the flat edges on that bolt in the middle, you'll need a large crescent wrench to hold it but you can hold it to take the nut off.
  15. Jibit

    Chicago Meet!!!!

    Lorenzo! You're dropping the ball here. What's gong on! :eek:
  16. Jibit

    followed by a Gen I today

    Anyone follow me in a Gen I today all the way from North Ave and 83 to the tri-state until I got off on Lake Cook Rd? Was a black Gen I, slammed, and had a tow hitch. If it was anyone from here, let me know if you need help getting that thing off the ground. It was painful watching you bounce...
  17. Jibit

    check egine light on

    or could just get the kooks headers for a Gen I because they don't exist.
  18. Jibit

    filter says Pro-Flow...

    you guys are all wrong, the sticker adds the horsepower by at least 10hp to the wheels and doesn't restrict the flow of air but actually sucks it in! Just ask Mespock! :shifty: :D
  19. Jibit

    speaker setup for a '98

    great! can I replace the sub with something aftermarket or do I need to get another ford sub? what size is it?
  20. Jibit

    speaker setup for a '98

    lucky me, I have a Cartier! the amp is mounted to it? I'll have to look into that. I just have to turn the bass down because it all distorted.