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  1. chris2523

    Sup y'all!

    yeah a few of us still here. i still come here to look for info. fb is not good at archiving anything.
  2. chris2523

    Brembo Brake Upgrade Question

    sounds incorrect. the mark viii front calipers displace lots of volume. the gt550 calipers piston area looks to be 4.3, while the mark viii piston area is 5.3. smaller piston area will result in less fluid movement, and less pedal travel.
  3. chris2523

    Lower ball joints

    mark viii (the forum we're in) has steel lower arms. and the rear aluminum arms don't have any ball joints. if you don't like that price, do it yourself. not too hard.
  4. chris2523

    Wheels That Fit Mark VIII's

    a 19x10 et45 fits so a 50 shouldn't be too far off. the 285 tire isn't the problem. would be a lot tougher up front unless its staggered set.
  5. chris2523

    1997 Mark VIII creaking rear sway bar upgrade driving me crazy!

    look here: Recommended Suspension Bushings for MN12's and FN10's
  6. chris2523

    1997 Mark VIII creaking rear sway bar upgrade driving me crazy!

    ditch the bushings that come with the addco bar. they used to be very meh. get energy suspension mounts.
  7. chris2523

    Wheels That Fit Mark VIII's

    those look good and fit nice. now just lower it.
  8. chris2523

    Drilling out lower mounting hole: front air strut

    weld a plate and drill again.
  9. chris2523

    Ed Hall Jr?

    no the search function sucks
  10. chris2523

    Ed Hall Jr?

    the forums are dead. for better but mostly worse, everything is on facebook now.
  11. chris2523

    Ed Hall Jr?

    i thought you meant the actual slime was blue so i had to google. blue seems fine, pump some in there and see what happens.
  12. chris2523

    Delrin Bushings lower control arm and knuckle

    dont do 3.55s unless boosted or something. 4.10s in an na car.
  13. chris2523

    Brake Upgrade of the Day

    i have the front setup now. he moved on to a bigger setup.
  14. chris2523

    1995 Indigo Lights/Black LSC Progress

    let me go check... nope.
  15. chris2523

    Bags won't go back up

    you do not want the ones with a card. you want exactly what Slow has there. thats what i have.
  16. chris2523


    if the PATS light fast flashes when you turn the key, then the PATS is preventing you from starting. if its not, keep looking elsewhere.
  17. chris2523


    nice color. sensor lower, tint, ceramic coat, and just drive it. thats what you should do.
  18. chris2523

    Can a 96 use a 15 inch wheel?

    wont clear the front brakes.
  19. chris2523


    then it's time he gets one.
  20. chris2523


    or, if you have a decent scanner, you can ask the pcm to do a cylinder balance test. $20 bluetooth reader and forscan.