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    For Sale 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC - Black/Black - 114k miles

    1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC - Black/Black - 114k miles Columbia, SC $6500 OBRO's time.... I've owned and loved this car for nearly 15 years. Changes in my life recently have revealed to me that I no longer have the desire to store/work on this car. It's been a great car. Never once...
  2. 98lincmk7lsc

    Resurrecting this 97 and my passion for the Mark

    I'm sure I'll miss the car. Like you said 7 years ago, I don't plan on ever owning another one. Things could always change, but as I look around at all of the parts that I'm about to be selling off, I have no interest in trying to amass that ridiculous horde of essential spare parts ever...
  3. 98lincmk7lsc

    Resurrecting this 97 and my passion for the Mark

    Wow! Great to see you in a Mark VIII again Jamie! Crazy.....couple things recently that I didn't think would ever happen.....Jamie's back in a Mark VIII, and I've just decided to get out of mine...
  4. 98lincmk7lsc

    Potential headlight conversion

    The only things I've seen on a set of Grand Marquis headlights have only 2 screw holes.
  5. 98lincmk7lsc

    Adam's Polishes Mark VIII Ad.

    Just now seeing this. Congrats on 1st! And you know I like Adam's....
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    Stainless Steel Rear Shock Mounts and Poly Bushings

    Yep, still $66. Feel free to PM me. I don't always see these posts.
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    Rear shock mounts (upper)

    Yes, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I don't drive the car very much anymore (probably less than 1000 miles in the last 3 years...), but when I do, it's awesome. I love it. I added the rear 1-3/8" sway bar around the same time, and I gotta say, I don't feel ANY body roll when I'm getting...
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    HID kit and installation instructions

    You're welcome!
  9. 98lincmk7lsc

    HID kit and installation instructions

    Looking good man!!
  10. 98lincmk7lsc

    Rear shock mounts (upper)

    And here's the thread: KONI front shock cartridge install progress thread...
  11. 98lincmk7lsc

    Rear shock mounts (upper)

    I did it. It really wasn't that hard, but it was more involved than most projects. For instance, it was really helpful for me to have access to a lathe and Tig welder.
  12. 98lincmk7lsc

    Delrin Bushings lower control arm and knuckle

    If they're not, I'm still making DLF's bushings.
  13. 98lincmk7lsc

    Rear shock bushings

    I only started including the pencils within the last year and a half or so. Sorry! Buy something else from me and you'll get one. lol.
  14. 98lincmk7lsc

    Matthew almost got my mark viii

    Glad to hear you made it through with minimal effects Don! We were good here in Columbia this year, but last year we had a lot of flooding around the house, including some getting in the floor of the Mark VIII. Thankfully no ill effects though. I pulled the carpet out and cleaned it up (last...
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    Long time no see!

    Hi Bill. I see you on Facebook.
  16. 98lincmk7lsc

    Hey everyone at LincolnvsCadillac.

    Welcome Tim!
  17. 98lincmk7lsc

    Something for your headlights

    That's something I might think about doing, if I ever decide to put my NOS headlights on the car...
  18. 98lincmk7lsc

    Need to buy F3LY3A187A Bushing Kit (Strut rod)

    Lol, Jim, I'm sure you'll be ok. Check out the pictures below, for a quick reference. I've got a set of my stainless sleeves on their way to Jim (Frat-man-du), which should be arriving today before noon. For anyone reading this in the future, I almost always have the OEM washers on-hand...