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  1. Black87LSC

    9/12 March on Washington

    Political rallies are no place to seek the subtle truth, nor feel particularly glowing about your countrymen, and today was no different in that regard for me. You're right, it was a place to seek the glaring truth, and no, it wasn't a place to feel particularly glowing about the "men" in...
  2. Black87LSC

    Either Obama's a liar or he sucks at math

    He's gunna be "all wee-wee'd up"
  3. Black87LSC

    pro-life activist shot.

    ........waiting for Obama to say the murderer "acted stupidly"..................
  4. Black87LSC

    Either Obama's a liar or he sucks at math

    He's lying through his teeth, and apparently he still thinks he can get away with it. He's going to have to try a LOT harder than that now, he's in a lot of angry people's sights. Before long, he won't be able to breathe without being questioned, he'll be trapped like the rat he is.
  5. Black87LSC

    Look at what my roomate did

  6. Black87LSC

    Blown Motorrrr

  7. Black87LSC

    Cbecker1994Vlll 10.2 time slip IS FAKE...

    :I this might be the "Own of The Century" what a tard
  8. Black87LSC

    Obama to address school children

    You are correct. I really, REALLY wish that you and the liberals were right about Obama, but there are red flags everywhere. I am NOT in any way, shape or form a racist. This whole thing has NOTHING to do with the fact Obama is black. I think it's great to have some diversity, but not at the...
  9. Black87LSC

    Ugliest Mark VII Ever!!

    Thats pretty cool, but thats more of a custom than a "lead sled." That is by no means "THE ULTIMATE LEAD SLED" as you make it out to be. I think the Hirohata Merc just might snag that title, ever hear of that??? You've just proven that just because you sold it, doesn't mean you actually know...
  10. Black87LSC

    Van Jones and the Administration

    I think its ironic how he opens up with his "for green" chant and in the very next sentence he pushes people to buy new shirts. Consumerism at its fin... worst?
  11. Black87LSC

    Obama to address school children

    Please read this, Bob.
  12. Black87LSC

    LS6 5spd, LSD convertion. Need help, plz !!

    Aluminum doesn't rust ;)
  13. Black87LSC

    Ugliest Mark VII Ever!!

    There ya go. Yea, my biggest issue with the car was how they molded the wheel openings in the back. They should have gotten rid of the lip so it was flush, and then made the bubble skirts bigger and more shapely and fit a little better. The cheezy plastic hood scoops add some crapiness too, but...
  14. Black87LSC

    Ugliest Mark VII Ever!!

    Yea, cuz thats SOOO much better... :shifty: You guys don't know much about 50's style lead sleds do you? There is definitely some ugliness goin on with that car, but with some imagination you could make it really cool. BRAVO to somebody for figuring out how to make their Mark different, instead...
  15. Black87LSC

    Obama's Website... See for yourself

    I dont know about everybody else, but I'm DAMN TIRED of hearing "he's the President". It's nothing but a title. If the guy is an ass, we get rid of him. We DON'T just kick back and watch somebody ruin everything the country stands for just because "the dude is the president". F^&*...
  16. Black87LSC

    Ted Kennedy Dead.

    What is wrong with you?! :eek:
  17. Black87LSC

    :q:q:q:qing FDA

    This is bull$hit. WTF. Wow, you guys are REAL manly cuz you'd rather drink or smoke something that tastes like $hit. The people who actually like to enjoy what they are tasting/smoking are gay? Go drink another dog piss flavored beer, oh, but be sure and put the lime in it! Give me a f^&*ing...