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  1. driller

    Upgrading mark viii Gen 1 headlights

    Prior to replacing my '93 halogen housing with '96 HID housings, I found the best results were with the Sylvania Silver Stars in the low beams and a set of modified HIR bulbs in the high beams both with relays wired in for direct battery voltage.
  2. driller

    1994 Lincoln Mark VIII turns over but no start, DTC code 542, VCRM?

    You need to verify fuel pressure at the fuel rail. When you turn the key on, the fuel pump should run for a few seconds. You can cycle the key on/off a few times to "prime" the fuel system with pressure. Remove the schrader valve cap on the fuel rail and hook up a fuel pump test gauge to verify...
  3. driller

    Automatic Temperature Control Unit 95 Mark VIII

    Don't tell my '93 that, it's had the '96 EATC functioning in it for close to 2 decades. :eek:
  4. driller

    Help Needed Diagnosing ABS & Traction Control Error

    My Innova code scanner requires a separate menu selection to read ABS DTCs.
  5. driller

    Automatic Temperature Control Unit 95 Mark VIII

    I cannot locate the part number(s) but the '96 EATC unit is preferred. All '93-'96 EATC units will interchange. The '97-'98 EATC units are not compatible with the '93-'96 models. '94-'94 have the weak front buttons while the '95 was similar but improved. The '96 used more solid oval buttons.
  6. driller

    1994 Lincoln Mark VIII (8) AC-HT Blend Dood Actuator (Motor)

    You'll find your problem from tracing the vacuum line from the intake manifold tee fitting. Most will break or separate right at the tee fitting.
  7. driller

    mark VIII LSC California has noticeably less power than my base model.

    To the best of my knowledge, the "California" moniker is simply a dealer dress-up, much like the "Presidential" and others. I wouldn't recommend swapping PCMs unless by chance they have the same strategy or PCM catch code.
  8. driller

    '96 Mk VIII parts available

    Oh well, thanks for the reply.
  9. driller

    '96 Mk VIII parts available

    "Pearl White" 96? What's the exterior color code? "WK" Opal Opalescent or "WT" Performance White If "WK", I may be interested in the mirrors and who knows what else.
  10. driller

    Is 1997 Mark VIII Potentiometer same as LS

    I've never heard that.
  11. driller

    Cam Position Sensor P0340

    You can probe the wires to the cam sensor and check for AC voltage when running. Should be 0.5 vac to 1.0 vac. An analog meter is best as the voltage output is not static and will be sporadic on a digital volt meter but should still show a fluctuating voltage. Checking while cranking may or may...
  12. driller

    kTa's Mark Hate

    Shouldn't it start from the center, then go outward? :rolleyes:
  13. driller

    1993 won’t start

    On the starter.
  14. driller

    kTa's Mark Hate

    A more common PCM repair is COP ignition or fuel injector drivers going bad. There used to be a PCM repair facility on the web but I saw a while back someone said they had went out of business. FWIW, I keep a spare around just in case.
  15. driller

    kTa's Mark Hate

    Glad to hear things are sorting out. :) If you aren't having any idle issues, I wouldn't be bothered by the IACV.
  16. driller

    kTa's Mark Hate

    Try replacing the PS fluid. It may take 2-3 or more times to get rid of the old fluid completely. As for the coolant cap, they are cheap enough to replace as well when you flush the coolant system and R&R the thermostat.
  17. driller

    98 mark viii rear neon light

    Sounds like a weak ballast.
  18. driller

    1998 Navigator timing chain

    At 500K+ miles, it owes you nothing. Run it until it quits...