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  1. How to repair an Intermittent Blower Motor

    How to repair an Intermittent Blower Motor

    Visit the Lincoln Mark VIII Forum for more info An intermittent blower motor is a common problem for Lincoln Mark VIII owners. However, in most cases it is a simple problem with a pretty quick and easy fix. This article is aimed at helping Lincoln Mark VIII owners who experience the following...
  2. NYC LS8

    Aww-yeah funniest thing I've seen on an LS

    G-RELL beat me to the bicycle mirrors. Man, that was hilarious.
  3. NYC LS8

    Exhaust Talk

    You'd probably be better off putting on some new tires.
  4. NYC LS8

    New Exhaust on its way, now decision time on tips!

    UltraFlos are awesome. I had them on my 87 LSC.
  5. NYC LS8

    Best exhaust?

    Bassani mufflers for sure.
  6. NYC LS8

    Who here lives in the Chicago area?

    Lol. Crappy asphalt job!!
  7. NYC LS8

    Who here lives in the Chicago area?

    Very cool. I don't see many modded LS's (or VIIIs for Joey) around in my travels. Guess I'm not in the right areas. :D
  8. NYC LS8

    Who here lives in the Chicago area?

    What's up fellas. Haven't been around much, obviously since I no longer own the 03 LS, but I would hop on here daily and check out what everyone was doing to their cars. Moved out to Carpentersville from NYC back in September. Bought a house, had a baby girl in October and working my ass off...
  9. NYC LS8

    Another LS goodies FS thread

    Damn, dude. Sorry to see what happened to the car. Obviously I only get on here once in a while these days. But yes, I can vouch for the exhaust work. I've had numerous cars done by him; even a Bassani setup on my old 03 LS. Good luck with everything and glad you're ok, man.
  10. NYC LS8

    ls exhaust setups

  11. NYC LS8

    Who here owns a black second gen with black wheels in the Chicago area?

    I think it was a second gen anyway. Working overnights and half awake driving home on 290 West at about 6:30am Thursday and saw whoever it was in the right lane getting off the highway as I was flying up on their left. Don't remember what exit it was. I wanna say Mannheim, but again, I was half...
  12. NYC LS8

    Why do you continue to disapoint?

    SRT8 or nothing. Anything below that is a sin to drive. lol
  13. NYC LS8

    ls exhaust setups

    '03 LS V8 2.5" exhaust - Magnaflow X pipe, Bassani mufflers, AeroTurbine resonators and 3.5" tips: Bassani video before resonators - Bassani video with resonators -
  14. NYC LS8

    Billy Boat Exhaust? Anyone have any experience/heard one?

    They were all over the LX forums when I had my SRT8, but I never liked the sound of them on those cars. Sounded like the name implies - a boat. lol
  15. NYC LS8

    Your most favorite available LS color?

    The same as I had:
  16. NYC LS8

    the ugliest mod ever

    I think the bicycle mirrors even lose to this monstrosity.
  17. NYC LS8

    Rims For Sale (pics)

  18. NYC LS8

    FOR SALE : Keyless entry keypad

    Almost SIX YEARS LATER. This HAS to be a record. lol
  19. NYC LS8

    Wiring Steering Control To Double Din on Ls.

    "Remember to like, favorite and subscribe, folks! It helps a ton!"
  20. NYC LS8

    40 mpg in 04 V8. What are you getting out of yours?

    Your idea was done years ago.